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  1. Oh! What a darling! It's probably a good thing he's not in my area or my current housemate and I might've ended up fighting over him. :laugh: Rotties overall might be a little overly square for me, but it's so hard to resist individual pups! Especially when they have cute smiles like that.
  2. A lot of people have been recommending GSDs, so it looks like I'll have to go and spend some time hanging out with my friends dogs and consider them a bit more seriously.
  3. Akitas would have as much coat as a GSD, and they are not as trainable as a GSD :) Oh bugga, and I thought I was being so helpful, didn't even think of their coat. :laugh: What about a Bullmastiff? To be honest, I'm coming around on the shedding issue, if I get a darker dog then the fur will just... blend in with all the cat fur anyway, I guess. :laugh: It's more any complicated grooming that'd really phase me, since my family have always been responsible for that sort of thing in the past. Especially with our Newfie since, obviously, he was terribly messy with the shedding
  4. So true, my greyhound bitch sounds like one of the hounds from baskerville! Having had 5 GSD's in the past my vote is for a GSD and I never noticed the shedding being too bad. Well that's a comfort. Haha. And yeah, I figure most any barking will deter burglars from trying to get into the house (and BCs are beautiful dogs). I am leaning towards a large-ish dog as a) the last dog we had was a Newfie and I think I'd miss the size, tbh, and also b) I'd love to go walking in the evenings when it's cool and would like a dog that can at least give the impression of being a bit intimidating. Tho
  5. For the most part I'd like a dog to be more of a watch dog/deterrent. My cat is very good at alerting me to the presence of strangers in my yard at night, but she's not so good at offering peace of mind that she could actually scare them away if necessary. She really just makes me more paranoid. Haha. So at the moment I'm not really looking to specifically train a dog in personal protection, but it's not something I'd want to totally discount in the future either, depending on how well the dog accepts training and how I'm feeling safety-wise. So that's definitely something I'll want to discu
  6. I have always liked Boxers, I feel like they look more goofy than aggressive. Haha. I haven't seriously considered owning one though, as a very close friend of mine lost hers and I feel like it'd probably make her terribly sad if I had my own jovial little reminder of that scampering about. Some friends of mine have two GSDs and they're lovely sweet girls. I just keep having flashbacks to our Newfie redecorating the couch and car with all his fur. But I suppose it's something I could learn to deal with and manage.
  7. To be honest my knowledge of Ridgys pretty much boils down to what I can google up. And from that I wouldn't say they were trainable to the degree of a Dobe or a GSD, which seem to really thrive on advanced obedience training, but more to a general degree of them still taking on basic training easily enough. Sadly, I've never been a huge fan of Rottweilers. Not due to temperament or anything like that, a friend of mine has one and he's a real doll. I just find their faces a bit... square? It's a silly aesthetic thing.
  8. Our Newfie was like this and I always found it very sweet. His presence was really comforting, even if he did take up most of the couch. :laugh: I'm definitely looking for a dog that'll cuddle up on the sofa with me of an evening. I hadn't even thought of a Ridgy! From what I can tell they seem to be loyal and quite trainable. And they have that same sort of proud and regal stance that I like so much about Dobes. I'll definitely have to research them a little more. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! I’m soon to be embarking on my first solo-living adventure and I’m finally in a situation where I can get a dog, so I’m looking for some anecdotal input from actual dog owners RE: the breed I’m thinking of or others I might not have thought of! My family has always owned dogs while I was growing up (everything from an English Sheepdog, a Whippet, a Jack Russell, and even a Newfoundland) but this will be my first solo-venture into dog ownership. As I’m a single woman who’s going to be living alone, I’m definitely looking for a protective sort of pal. I want a dog that’ll look ou
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