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  1. Hi everyone, It has been a year since we adopted our 7 year old Bull Arab X from a rescue organisation. When he was first adopted we were told he had dog aggression issues but the rescue organisation was going to provide us with training and a trainer to help rehabilitate him. Being an old rescue we decided to give the guy a second chance at life. Well after a few months, the rescue organisation has disappeared and have pretty much forgotten about us. So we have spent the last 7 months living in stress and fear every time we take him for a walk. At home and when there are no other dogs around he is a well behaved boy. It is a real anxious experience taking him for a walk, as he can react strongly to other dogs - sometimes he doesn't care all that much. But if a dog gets as close as to the other side of the road as us, then he looses it. We have had some particularly bad reactions recently and would like to take him to a trainer as we cannot continue like this. We haven't in the past because we cannot afford it, but we will have to make some sacrifices and work it out. We don't want to get rid of the poor guy! I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a trainer in Melbourne (preferably inner west or close to) that might be able to help - someone who has proven experience in rehabilitating dog aggression. When you google dog trainers the results are overwhelming. Your help and advice would be much appreciated!