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  1. Five days in so far. Many damaged fly screens and even a broken louvre window. But finally starting to get somewhere. She now goes outside by herself as I have spent a lot of time out there with her acting normal as I was instructed. There aren't specific markers or flags just an electric wire coming off of our fence. I know what you mean they notice if the bin has been moved in the wrong spot and will bark to let you know. I'm hoping this improvement will keep getting better as the days go on She's 8 months old so still a baby and a very big sooky baby
  2. No she couldn't see the sheep at all. I'm willing to work with her outside and I've been spending extra time with her outside just hoping it gets better in time! She's fine if I'm outside with her but then as soon as I go in she wants to come in. I've had border collies with mum and dad always getting zapped and never had this issue before. She has slightly improved as Monday she stayed inside the whole day while I was at work. They definitely don't go near the fence though now
  3. My maremma wouldn't cope without my sharpei. I had them in a run and they were so destructive in it they hated it they would dig to get out and they have a large backyard to roam in about an acre. The fence doesn't really hurt them it's just a small zap and my maremma is a sooky dog in general. I just want to know if continually being outside with her playing with her will get better in time.
  4. So I have just recently put a visible Hotwire around the bottom of my ringlock fencing to ensure my sharpei does not get out and get to the landlords sheep. As soon as he does he will immediately be put down. He has been zapped twice and has learnt the fence is scary and not to go in it but my Maremma has also been zapped twice and now is scared of outside! She doesn't like to be outside because she thinks outside she'll get zapped. I've played with her outside walked around with her and told her the fence is bad and "ouch don't touch the fence". The fence has only been up for 2 days and she
  5. Hey guys. Needing to find a sharpei savvy vet in Adelaide preferably down south! My boy needs his eyes done and no vets have really understood his temperament. Can some one also help with me symptoms for sharpei fever? My boys been acting a bit off as of last night and I'm worried as he just isn't himself
  6. I have problems with this I have so many people come up and try to pay him without understanding you can't just go up to them and pat them. I have to tell my dad all the time as he has border collies and you can just pat them. My pei you need to let him sniff you and come up to you and when he is ready he will let you pat him. Many people don't understand that not all breed of dogs will allow you to pat them straight away
  7. Every Internet website says they are dog aggressive and everyone who I have ever come across has that perception that they are big mean scary dogs that used to be used for fighting etc. In no way am I saying they are but a lot of websites will say it. My boy just looks big and scary to other people until he gets to know them and his a big softie
  8. Shar pei are not meant to be mean aggressive dogs with humans & other pets!!
  9. It is isnt it, he is so gentle when she yanks, pulls and bites at him and it looks painful she has quite sharp teeth! She is such a beautiful little girl and my boy loves her and loves having another dog to play with. He used to have 3 other dogs to play with until my partner and I moved out of home and his been a bit lonely since then. He has never looked happier before
  10. She definitely is gaining weight and a very happy pup! we live semi rural so we live on about 1 acre of land and have been shamed by many because apparently they shouldn't be companion animals and they should have jobs to do etc. But I have done plenty of research and she is the best puppy (despite staining my carpet with her wee). My sharpei boy is amazing with her! Sharpei are meant to be mean aggressive dogs with humans and other pets but he is the most gentle dog with her, she rips and tears at his skin on his face and he just takes it and lets her be a puppy. We have only had her for ov
  11. The vet hasn't mentioned anything so I assume she's a healthy weight! She looks healthy too she doesn't look thin at all just a big ball of fur
  12. Im not concerned about that at all as we only have chickens, she is going to be more of a companion and also were hoping she bonds to our other dog who is partially blind.
  13. They also had very very light brown eyes yet all of the puppies seemed to have darker eyes, can they lighten with time? This is my girl at 10 weeks, she seems big to me1
  14. Her parents weren't built huge, they were very big dogs but more of a tall and lanky build! Yeah im pretty sure she was around 6.5kg when i got her from memory. To be me she looks big but ive never had a giant breed before, ive only had medium sized dogs sharpei, bordercollies, kelpies etc
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