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  1. i m glad this was finally released! When the Task Force released the Discussion Paper earlier this year on Getting To Zero, I thought it would take a lot longer for a report on Breed Specific legislation to come out. This is a welcome surprise. its a step in the right direction in that it places a lot more responsibilty on dog owners. Many people do take dog onwership lightly but if this gets accepted (did someone say the minister has already rejected it??)people will be forced to consider a lot more factors when it comes to dog ownership. As a owner of two sight hounds (and two indoor cats), i have been scared to death on occassion that the Dangerous Dog Law may apply to me one day if im not careful! i take them to dog parks ONLY when there are only big dogs there, and do alot of training and desenstization around my cats. im aware that if my cats ever got out, my dogs drive would kick in and my cats would pay:( But the boys are angels with my cats while indoors. i have also had to tell parents at dog parks that their 3yr old shouldnt really be racing around the dog park, screaming as dogs love to chase and there is no guarantee dogs wont chase them!! Something like that has never happened thankfully but i would hate my dogs to have to pay for what they were bred for. All in all, i dont leave my house with them without thinking about all the management involved in taking them somewhere! Something that bugs me (and its only a small point) But i come across this at least once a day in the inner city 3. Dog under effective control (a) A dog is under the effective control of a person in a public place if the dog is – i. on a road or road-related area in a built-up area, or any other public place declared by the relevant council to be an area where a dog must be on a lead, and the dog is secured and restrained by means of a lead not more than 2 metres long held by hand by a person able to control the dog; or ii. tethered to a fixed object by a lead not more than 2 metres long for a period not more than 30 minutes. Wouldnt it be better bite prevention to NOT allow dogs to be tethered on busy inner city streets unsupervised? i see kids run up to big dogs that have been tied up like this and i actually cringe, waiting for something to happen! Knowing that a dog is more likely to bite when tethered, and feeling trapped, i would think the dog would not be "under effective control"
  2. My guys love it too! ive been taking one of my boy for about six years now but hes gotten to be a golden oldie. He'll still come and run once but after that i wont let him run again and he'll stand in his crate, barking the whole time while his younger bro runs! The one i go to in Erskine park just uses a white plastic bag :D and man, does scoota get an intense stare when he sees a white plastic bag blowing in the wind outside LOL ive heard of a club thats uses dried out fox tail... The Afghan club only runs their lure days once every 2-3 months unfortunately so its a really big deal for us! Im not sure if any of you guys are from NSW but a place in Box Hill just opened that offer regular days Ive posted a link in Dog Sports forum its a little different as its on a straight track but its open to ALL breeds, not just sight hounds
  3. Hi All, ive just started taking my two dogs to the Australian Canine and Sports Centre in Box Hill to trial their new recreational straight track and my guys absolutely love it. it starts back up on Sept 10 for not just sight hounds but ALL breeds!! There is a half an hour instructional lesson which is included in the price and then your dog gets to run:)You can use on the lure whatever to motivate your dog to run so bring treats and your dogs fave toy ive posted a link here for more info. The class is only a small one (last i heard they were taking max 12 per class)so the earlier the booking, the better My link and just some photos of my guys as a taster;)
  4. Hi, i just saw this boy on the renbury site and would take him immediately if i didnt have a very crowded house already! Can someone rescue him before Tues?? Does anyone have contact with Fifi ( who i think has much to do with wolfies in the past)? He look so much like my boy:( it has touched my heart...
  5. Hi, i wasnt too sure which forum topic to put this in but i thought this is a good place to start! i will put this in the Rescue forum as well as it does involve rescue groups. A meeting is being held this Saturday, 20th August to discuss what needs to be changed at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility in Campbelltown, NSW. It is only a small pound so not alot is said in the news about the conditions the animals are kept in or the way the facility is run. The following ive copied and pasted from their Facebook page: POUNDCC stands for Pals of Unwanted, Neglected Dogs and Cats Campbelltown. We are a small group of animal lovers who are advocating for changes to be made at Campbelltown Animal Care Facility which is operated by Campbelltown City Council. What are we concerned about? The high numbers of healthy, potentially rehomable animals euthanasia at the facility every year. That animals are being released/sold from the facility undesexed. Currently new owners of pound animals have the choice to desex or not. This should not be a choice. All animals should be desexed prior to being released to their new owners. Mandatory desexing will help to break the cycle of unwanted animals coming into the facility That volunteers are not being utilised to assist facility staff in the care of animals. That council is not receptive to working with, or releasing animals to rescue groups who could find suitable adoptive homes thus reducing the number euthanased. The inadequate website facility that does little to stimulate public interest and encourage people to adopt from the facility. The condition under which animals are being held - inadequate housing, bedding and opportunities for dog to be exercised during their time at the facility. These are a few of the areas that the group would like to address. We invite you to attend the public meeting to discuss these issues, share your ideas and tell us how you think you could contribute to making the much needed changes. The meeting will be held in the meeting room at Campbelltown Library located in Hurley Street, Campbelltown (opposite Koshigaya Park) on Saturday 20th August from 1.00 pm. Afternoon tea will be provided. Contact - Alex 0435878881
  6. Hi again, It's taken us a while but just letting everyone know that we found our perfect puppy- so far! We haven't brought her home yet but she's met our 2 chihuahuas and our wolfie x. We also saw her led through the cattery on lead (where she tried to hide from all the cats!) We decided on getting a rescue doggy:) It was alot easier to find a friend for scoota by allowing him to play with them. He totally ignored boxer puppies that we went to meet! We took him to meet some greyhounds but Lthough they ran with him, they didn't wrestle. Our rescue ran straight at him! She's looks like a staffi x only bigger and scruffier. They called her a wolfie x but hmmm I don't really think so...;) She's about 12months old and her name is tiger lily. We'll have to christen her another name as our cats name is Lily Thanks again for all your help everyone!! I'll be sure to put some photos up!!
  7. Thanks for the info on the choc lab, leela Only we not at the stage of getting a new dog right away. I would like to get a rescue especially from a Place like campbelltown pound ( its so sad and depressing for the dogs there) but at the same time he or she will need fit in with our WHOLE fam and that's a big ask :S it may be a bit of a stressful situation for a 4 yr old lab...or any other dog with a tricky history. Scootas a rescue and loves me, my hubby and our cats and dogs but children and tall men terrify him. His background is unknown but lucky for me I didnt have kids when I decided to foster him from blacktown pound. I would hate to bring in a rescue only to traumatized them more!
  8. Thanks, kaffy...we miss Lu so much. Her passing was such a surprise. One day she went off her food, the next day tests were done and a tumor on her spleen was found. The following week, it was the end she was still so playful and spirited. Lulu was great around our littlies and cats. She slept with our chis. they used to really put her in her place as a pup. Then one day when she was about 1 yr old, it's as if she realised that if she pressed them, they would run. And run they did! She chased, and it was on But in our eyes, she could do no wrong- she was too lovable. We managed with time sharing No matter what breed we decide on, training is a must! Socialization is a must! But they would have to be scootas best mate. That's going to be a challenge as I think we fluked it with the compatibility of the pair. Scoota was meant to be a two week foster. We put Lu and scoot together and they ran at each other. They took each other down like they were going to kill one another but they were playing! Best of friends ever since. I feel as though I'm on search for scootas new soul mate!! Lol
  9. We're fine with grooming but would stay away from Samoyed types as we take them for runs through the bush, and wouldn't enjoy brushing all the sticks out:p Exercise is no problem- i take scoota for daily walks and when I don't, he's at the kennels running. Also our yard is huge for lots of wrestling to take place;)
  10. I'm glad that Aussies are mentioned as they're one of the breeds that we'd consider. They're great students too;) - much like the BCs. We've fostered a few springer spaniels in the pastand they were great with both the chis and the cats. Only thing I didnt get was every time they went near scoota, he'd look the other way and not want to interact! That is my one of my concerns- that we would get a playmate for scoots and he wouldn't want to play ! He and lulu would play so rough with each other and unfortunately I haven't seen him ever play like that with anyone else. He's a big boy and when he comes into contact with anything smaller than a large lab, he ducks his head and walks away. Strange boy;) He's run briefly with BC's but dashed away. He'd prob love another bull breed. What do you guys think about a boxer? I've come across gentle boxers that have ignored my cats and chis but also the real boofy boxers....
  11. Hi, I have been scrutinizing breed websites, have worked in kennels for years, but I'm still hesitant in deciding what breed would suit me and my family the most. Our 6 yr old Bullmastiff past away about 1 1/2 months ago and we were completely wrecked- said we would never get another Bullmastiff again. It would feel too much like we are replacing her. Now we are considering on getting another dog sometime at the end of the year. But we want to do plenty of research. Our wolfie x, scoota needs someone he can wrestle with. Our 2 chihuahua need to feel comfortable to walk and run around the new dog. Our 2 cats need to feel safe around the new dog. Lulu, our bullmastiff was perfectly fine with our whole fam until she hit 1 year old, and then we had to section off the house As she started chasing the cats, and stepping on the chis Lulu and scoota spent every second together. We just couldn't have lulu in the loungeroom when the cats or the chis were there. We didn't mind adjusted our household to lulu but would prefer everyone to exist together the next time around:s Also would like the new dog to go bushwalking and running with scoota. Lulu loved to do that but her weight couldn't take it. And she couldn't take the heat:( Oh, and would like to do obedience training with them. For a bullmastiff, lulu was a star at training;) Does anyone have suggestions on suitable breeds?
  12. Hi! How much is the trailer and what is the fit- out like? i'm on the lookout for a grooming trailer to launch my own business:)
  13. My OH and i took our four to Camp Tailwaggers last year for a short stay, and we loved it too! Our big dogs had a swim in the dam and then did the walking trails. It was pretty quiet when we went so we practically had the place to ourselves:) In a weeks time we'll be going to The Endless Summer selfcontained holiday house at Culburra beach. Hopefully we'll get really hot weather. Has anyone heard of it or been there themsleves? The Endless Summer
  14. It may be really muddy tomorrow. will lure coursing still be on?
  15. yeah, i know a few people who are willing to get together at the Million Paws Walk (in anti-bsl shirts!) with their dogs (in anti-bsl shirts!) but i'm a bit hesitant because i don't know why the subject has died. Very humiliating to attend with stop bsl shirts only to realise that the RSPCA is on the way to removing the bill! My aim at the Walk would be to just publicise what the BSL is as i know that there is tiniest of chances that a legislation like this would be changed! If anything, by telling the mainstreamers what the BSL is would just stop it in its tracks so that other breeds don't get targeted!
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