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  1. My first response was to ask my breeder. I did so by email and she was able to respond soon after. When I first asked the breeder for clarification of this issue before I bought a puppy, it was over the phone, and between us I obviously didn't get the right idea. In the email, I said I was confused and then stated four facts. I don't consider this to be confrontational or accusatory, however one commenter here suggests this warrants the breeder cutting me off from further assistance. Yes, the relationship between a breeder and owner can be very valuable. Rather than respond back to the breeder
  2. Thanks for the helpful responses. It does seem that it was a miscommunication/misunderstanding. Dogs NSW advised me that breeders in NSW do have to be recorded as the owner on initial registration. They also confirmed that in NSW the breeder can handle the transfer of registration to the new owner, and that a new owner doesn't need to be a member. I can see from a breeder's perspective it makes sense, because they know that their name has to be recorded as the owner (except QLD). I think the QLD process is better, in the sense that at the time of registration whoever is the current owner can
  3. I purchased a pure bred Saint Bernard puppy from a registered breeder. Prior to deciding to purchase, she advised me that the price ($2500) included registration. I asked her what this meant, because I wanted to clarify if it meant lifetime registration on the NSW companion animal register. She wasn't very succinct in her answer, but I understood that it was registration to do with his breeding rather than the companion animal register. I recently received a form in the post from her, titled "Application to transfer registered ownership of dog". The form is to be returned to my State ANKC mem
  4. That young rough boy has just turned three. He's also very far away. I didn't ask more about him because I think he's not the one for me :) Yes, sounds like a good idea to call NSW breeders to let them know if they have any puppies returned to them or young ones they become aware of that need rehoming I would be interested to know about them. Thanks for your input :)
  5. Hi Folks After a lot of research and contemplation, my dog and I have come to the decision that we should get a second dog, and he should be a Saint Bernard. Maybe I will end up buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, but having been involved with rescue previously I much prefer to adopt than buy. Saints are said to be "low popularity and high dumpage", but I don't think they are in shelters or rescue/foster very often, or maybe they just get snapped up quickly. I would like to let you know about the home I can offer, and perhaps if we are suitable for a needy Saint you come across, you mig
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