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  1. Thanks all for the encouragement. I love him regardless and will see how we heal. Just blame myself for not seeing the signs and letting the Kelpie get near him while it is my job to protect him. It was a preventable attack. Not sure if I will show him but he will be a lovely pet.
  2. Thanks. Kelpie was on a long lead, mine a short one. The skin and hair is very fine. The bites went right through.. The vet said it is doubtful they will heal. I can trace him back 8 generations and either the male, bitch or both in every generation was an Aust Supreme Champion. Doubt I can every show him.
  3. My dog has bad scars, spots and bite holes through his ear. The hair will not grow back so he will be marked for life
  4. We looked for 2 years to find the perfect Vizsla. He is a good looking pup from a line of Australian champions . I was walking him while he was 16 weeks old near the athletic track at Sylvania Watwrs when a lady with a kelpie walked from the other side of the park asking if her dog could say hello. I was cautious and said he is only a pup and very gentle natured. She insisted her dog loved pups and was very friendly and it would be good for my pups socialisation. Big mistake. As she continue to approach while I held back my dog, her kelpie lunged at my dog, biting his neck and punctuating his
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