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  1. No...this is not the standard Rotty behaviour. I do understand the difference! This is a 12 week old purebred male pup up to date with all vaccinations, worming etc and given a A grade health check by our vet. He eats well (mainly a BARF diet? and his toileting is so regular that it makes his toilet training far easier. He is crated at night in the living room as our old dog (10) sleeps in the bedroom with us. Twice now he has very deeply growled at a visitor who approached him. This was a head lowered straight legged pose and his hackles were raised. He also lifts his leg to urinate. Nb 12 works old and often tries to hump the legs of children or timid adults. We keep him on a long line in the house so are getting better at preventing his behavior but even so occasionally we have to correct the behavior instead. We use a firm voice to say No and then usually tell him to lie down. He complies INSTANTLY , is very submissive and affectionate afterwards. He is the most demonstratively affectionate dog I have ever owned and is easy to teach, given his age. Am I doing the right thing by preventing or correcting his actions? Is his behavior the sign of a naturally dominant dog or a puppy just *trying it on?* How do I handle this?
  2. Friends of mine are looking to get a family dog that will be predominantly a companion to their 11 year old daughter. I have suggested a CKCS but they are adamant they want a dog the size of a Labrador at least. Could an 11 year old manage a Golden or a Lab? Anyone else have any better suggestions please?
  3. Please PM me. She definitely needs an owner who knows Rotties, who appreciates her huge capacity for love and affection as well as her Rotty stubbornness!
  4. She is currently living with us and I am a bit smitten but we cant really cope with two large dogs....what to do??
  5. I am currently sharing my home with a 10 month old Rotty and she is smart! She picks up new things incredibly easily and already she will shut both doors on command. .bring me my phone and wallet...locate my daughter anywhere in the house or yard on command as well as all the *basic* obedience including off-leash distance commands such as Sit, Down and a standing wait. But.... If she doesnt want to do something she plainly refuses. I am using food treats and balls etc to teach her which she loves but once she decides it's over..it is OVER! Is this passive refusal a Rottweiler thing? Have never encountered it with my GSDS
  6. Brilliant idea thank you but the breeder is not registered and appears to be overwhelmed with medical issues atm so sadly not an option at this time.
  7. Asking for a friend! ! The dog is a nine month old speyed microchipped and vaccinated female. She loves people and other dogs (even cats) and knows basic obedience. They have contacted the breeder who is unable to take her back. They are very concerned that she not end up in the wrong hands! Where and how should they advertise here to try and ensure only genuine people apply?
  8. A beautiful looking 1 year old Rottweiler bitch is being advertised on Gumtree. It appears she was bred by a woman surname of Norris. Just wondering if the breeder is aware their gorgeous girl is being re-homed?
  9. Any suggestions and constructive advice very much needed please. A friend of mine has a 6 year old easy going desexed male Labrador and is getting a new Lab puppy next week. Last time she had two dogs (different ages) she found that the puppy bonded far more closely to the older dog than it did with her so she really wants to avoid that thus time. The current Lab doesnt have a crate although the puppy will.
  10. GSD or Rottweiler

    Wow! After a slow start what a host of constructive posts! Thank you all so much. She knows that starting off with a puppy means she will have to be patient and sadly, even when he or she is fully grown she still may never feel truly safe again. I have forwarded her the pms recommending specific breeders and I will keep you all posted on her decision. I love GSDs and have never owned a Rottie so I am learning lots too!
  11. GSD or Rottweiler

    Seriously? No one has an opinion?
  12. Hi all...a friend of mine, a woman in her 40s was assaulted in broad daylight last week. Obviously she is very shaken and sustained some serious bruising. Her old GSD passed away last year and they were planning on getting another puppy this year. She has asked me for some opinions Please Note ...she does not want a guard dog or a personal protection trained dog. This new dog will be first and foremost a companion to her and her husband. ..no kids. She wants a dog with strong nerves that will stand between her and a perceived threat until she tells the dog to relax. Possibly a dog that will alert her to people aporoaching the house and a dog whose sheer appearance is a deterrent to the kind of thug that attacked her. She is leaning towards GSDs as she has owned them in the past but has had experience of GSDs who are timid or flighty and in the above scenario are more likely to run than to stand their ground sadly.
  13. Need to rehome my WSSD

    They tell me he was very cautious and easily startled for the first two weeks but then began to trust them and really came out of his shell. He is affectionate and playful with them and has never once exhibited even a hint of fear aggression. He is a very smart, easily trained dog and stunning to look at
  14. Need to rehome my WSSD

    Yes te breeder cannot take him back and doesnt know of anyone looking sadly