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  1. Hey guys, just wondering how everyone here feeds raw to their dogs? I have always feed everything frozen
  2. Anyone know a place in Melbourne?
  3. Hey guys, my puppy is now 8 months old he doesn't pee on walk's, anyway to get him to pee when we go on walk's? Cheers
  4. Feed by hand as in give the raw from hand he grabs it and eats it
  5. Thanks for the info Thistle the dog will give it a go
  6. Breed is Rottweiler X Labrador I feed him his raw by hand I have had him since 8 weeks I will try your suggestions cheers
  7. Hey guys ever since I got my puppy when feeding raw he would sometimes growl when you got close to him but nothing too bad.recently I was feeding him raw when one of the freezer bags got stuck on the meat when I gave it to him when I tried to get it back he got very aggressive and the hair on his back was standing, is there anyway to stop his food aggression? Cheers
  8. Hey guys looking for good dog trainer for my 13 week old puppy who loves biting everything, I'm in Glen Waverley area if anyone could recommend a good one to me would be much appreciated, thanks.
  9. Hi guys, I'm starting my puppy on raw but would love a raw diet sheet or raw diet plan on what they feed thier dog day to day if someone would like to share with me? Thanks all
  10. Usually 2 times a day but before he had diarrhea I will feed him a bit less see how that goes.
  11. His 12 weeks old, he was on antibiotics for he vomiting white foam now his off antibiotics, his vomit this morning had little bits of food but still himself running around playing. His stool been little runny but getting firm again.
  12. Hey guys been feeding my puppy raw ever since I got him and his been doing great on raw but recently he is starting to vomit in the early mornings now, should I feed him something else with the raw? Cheers
  13. I feed my puppy usually 8:30am in the morning, if I wait til night for his second meal he probably be starving by then?
  14. I have been feeding him inside the laundry due to Wasps coming out whenever he eats outside but he does make a mess outside too.
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