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  1. Hi, I was hoping for some help for a friend, we just visited her house and she recently got a new puppy who is just lovely. Their original dog is a 4 yr old bitch who is undesexed, suddenly started to growl and bite the kids when they tried to play with the puppy. We have known the older dog her whole life and never had an issue with aggression before. Can anyone advise how to handle this problem ? I am not sure if she is jealous or thinks it is her puppy and is very possessive over it. I ended up crating the older dog so she could not attack the kids anymore but she continued to growl at them through the cage.
  2. Hi, I now own a frenchie, she is 3 and we are her 3rd home in 3 years. We will be her forever home. Since owning her we now know that she has servere food allergies which cause more internal issues then outwards. We have given her a 3 month course of antihistamines injection from the vet and have now worked out a food that doesn't cause issues which is the prime 100 spd air dried kangaroo and pumpkin food but the other issue I have is that she is quite light on and I would like her to gain a little weight but unfortunately being kangaroo it is very lean. The other major problem she has is that she seems to only drink at night and gulps and drinks so much water she makes herself sick. I am not sure if she was only given water at night in her previous 2 homes ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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