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  1. Thanks everyone, our search will continue with some of the suggestions made. Really appreciate the input.
  2. Reading about this breed, I don't think we are up for the challenge
  3. Thanks, I think this is a dog we will look at
  4. Well worth considering. Thank you
  5. Yes have owned a dog before quite a few years ago, it was a corgi. After school/work people will be around. We live in the south east of south Australia. We will interact with the dog a lot when home.
  6. Thanks everyone, this has been interesting to read and making me realise compromise on my list will be needed. We will have a secure yard, no livestock nearby. The dog can sleep inside. A labrador is too big.
  7. We are wanting to chose a dog for our family and need help We have certain requirements however do not a breed in mind. Requirements are - size small to medium, we have children youngest being 10 yrs old, we live in a rural area on 7 acres so prickles are a problem we don't want daily grooming, but exercise isn't. Would prefer a dog that sheds minimally. don't want barking dog. The dog will be alone during day while we are at work & school. The dog will be allowed indoors. Any assistance in breeds we should consider would be appreciated.
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