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  1. Hmmmm.... So I won't be paying the $5.50 a kg! Such a shame, it would've been great if only they were better priced.
  2. The microchip will probably be your best bet. If they don't match, then yes, something is off. The other things could be explained within reason, but you should have been told all these things prior to buying your pup. Have you questioned the breeder? What did he say?
  3. Yes it's not the nicest industry, but I have very few choices. I imagine it will be just as good if not better than the stuff I can get at the supermarket.
  4. How much do you pay for your chicken frames? I have discovered that we are near a chicken abattoir and am hoping to be able to make a deal with them for regular bulk pick ups. Which is exciting for me as cold storage and distance was an obstacle for fresh produce for my dogs.
  5. Hopefully I have attached a pic. Sorry she's a bit grubby from playing outside.
  6. I have just heard back from the breeder and they offered to put her on limited register and I pay the limited register price for her and I could on sell her if I wish. This doesn't seem fair to me as I wouldn't feel right selling a pup if I thought there was a problem. Also as I was wanting a main registered pup for as a showing and breeding prospect, I don't want to keep her just as a pet.
  7. I recently purchased a pup from the other side of the country from a registered breeder with the bloodlines I was looking for as a show and breeding prospect. When she arrived I noticed her eyes looked a bit strange (droopy bottom eyelidand I took a photo and let the breeder know the next day. We agreed to let her settle in and see if it may have been a side effect from the plane ride or something that may start to clear on its own. It hasn't improved at all after a week. Where do I stand in terms of not quite getting what I paid for? She's still a lovely dog and I don't think it will affect her health wise, but it does affect her appearance and I don think I would be happy to breed from her if she were to pass on this fault. It is likely she will grow out of it, but still she will never be a show or breeding dog to me. If the breeder was to take her back, who would be responsible for the airfare?
  8. Yes I've spoken to them. They seem to think (which matches the research I've done) that she will grow into her skin a she will be fine. Just wanting others opinions and wanting to know if anyone has had a similar experience?
  9. I would say labs and goldens range from $1800-$2500 for pet register.
  10. We have just welcomed our new black lab baby puppy into our family. She's a lovely pup but I have noticed that her bottom eyelids seem a bit droopy. This becomes more prominent when she is tired. I've read that this will most likely correct as she grows into her skin, but is it considered a fault as I was hoping to show her?
  11. Sounds to me like they were under the impression you were only interested in a female, therefore didn't mention the boys? It could all be a misunderstanding. Did you ask them about it? Some breeders do try to pull a shifty sometimes, I've personally caught one out and called them on it and they had no reasonable explanation. On the other hand, sometimes genuine mistakes or miscommunications are made. Best to question them straight up and if you are not happy with their response, go else where. Having a good relationship with your breeder is extremely valuable and worth finding one you get along with.
  12. I would love to feed raw, but for me it is actually impossible. We live in the country and run on generator power and a small gas fridge with a family of 6 humans and 6 dogs! There simply is not enough fridge space. Shopping days or trips to town are like Christmas for my dogs, that's when I bring home all the raw goodies, but only a couple of days worth because I can't freeze anything. The best I can do from there is a good quality dry with suitable table scraps etc. I'm glad to have the good quality dry available as not everyone can feed raw.
  13. Hopefully it is just the weather holding them up. I also feel it is very important for breeder to reply to emails. Even to say sorry we don't think our dogs would be right for you. At least the person enquiring doesn't have to sit and wonder. Even better, suggest why you don't feel they are the right owner and try to steer them in the right direction. The dog world will be a lot better off for humans and dogs if we try to learn from eachother and help eachother out.
  14. Ohh so many breeds could suit this. What kind of energy level and trainability are you looking for?