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  1. I have some panels from pet panels aswell. They are very sturdy. You will need to add your own floor if you think he'll dig out and a roof.
  2. There are usually quite a few older labs on DOL. just make sure if you go that route that the dog has been well socialised, as I've met a few now you would think have never left their kennel
  3. My mother is in a similar situation, although perhaps a bit younger and more active. I've been helping her research for her next dog. At the moment a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the top of her list. A bit of grooming required but from what I can gather not too much work.
  4. Far enough. We're farmers, so no such thing as booking time off. But very lucky to be able to organise my work each day around puppies.
  5. If you want him to eat the dry maybe mix a little mince through. I would take away uneaten portion any not allow grazing.
  6. I don't Ultrasound as I figure she is either pregnant or not and I will know soon enough. If that is the only reason then I feel it's fine not to worry about it.
  7. I'm sorry. It must be very hard to be involved in a breed that is such a hot topic of controversy, but the fact is, compared to the GSD we had as children, even your bitch looks extreme to me.
  8. Wondering breeders different reasons for using ultrasound to confirm pregnancies. Is it just piece of mind of knowing you have a successful pregnancy? Wanting to know the number of pups? How does this help in your preparation and during whelping?
  9. I'm sure this has been discussed to death, but I have not actually looked at a GSD for many many years. Watching the Westminster show on YouTube I was quite shocked to see Rumor. While she is gorgeous in her own right, I was quite taken aback at the change in the breed and can't see how it has done them any good.
  10. Mine will eat anything but so far have found they do best on black hawk. I like to change kibble and even mix different brands together. I also try to feed fresh meaty bones or chicken wings on shopping day, and eggs, yoghurt and suitable table scraps during the week for a bit of variety. Whoevers turn it is inside gets to clean up the floor after the toddler;)
  11. Yes I agree. I'm in no way trying to cheat the system. Just wasn't quite right the way the first ones were processed. Seems a bit pointless if the results aren't consistent.
  12. Thanks. I did order one anyway. I'm sure it will be an interesting read and a good addition to the bookshelf. I did wonder why it was so expensive though. Maybe not many copies anymore? The newer addition was cheaper so maybe it's a bit of a collectors item now.
  13. There is separate yard off the side where I can seperate them for feeding if needed, but yes I think I'll leave food out of it just incase. They've been together all their lives but the pen will be when I'm not home and they will be unsupervised so better to be safe than sorry.
  14. You might be over thinking it, but that's understandable. I am not an expert, but have always found that if I treat or reward as much as needed in the beginning by the time they are adult dogs they are happy to follow commands with very minimal treats. Of course there are always times when things go wrong, no matter what your strategy. Be patient and try again. For the door way, is she trying to get out infront of you? I would block with your legs while the door is open. Wait there as long as needed until she calms down. When you have the time, go in and out many times of a morning so it's not so exciting.
  15. I have recently set up a large yard about 20x10m for my dogs to go in when I'm out. We are on a farm and don't have a dog proof house yard. They have the necessities like kennels, shade and water. I've also put in a sand pit and large shallow trough for swimming (not deep enough to swim but they can wade and lay in the water). What are some other ideas that I could add to their pen to make it a fun place to be?