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  1. Not saying that I agree and chances are that yes they are being bred for money, but just maybe someone is trying to work on the breathing issues and other health issues with the French bulldog? I'm definitely no expert on the breed, but from what I gather, something needs to be done.
  2. We just got our first cavalier puppy. She does love to be with us but she also copes well if we've had to leave her for awhile. She's quite confident and happy to play outside on her own even when we are home. She wakes up pretty early and loves going outside for a run around and is happy to come back in once we're up. I'd find a breeder that's happy to discuss her situation and perhaps choose the right individual personality. Cavaliers do seem to fit the description well.
  3. As you have only had him a few days and have already had him at the vet, I believe the breeder would/should take responsibility. Get your vet to document everything. I would expect the breeder to offer a replacement pup or a refund in exchange for returning the puppy, so be aware that you may need to part with him if you're not happy.
  4. I know DBC Picton, near Bunbury, sells them bulk for a good price. Also cheap beef and lamb bones. Not sure it all the DBC butchers have them or you could probably order through your butcher. Most get their meat delivered from DBC and you can just add on to their order.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Yes I would plan to only kill enough in one day to feed that day (if that makes sense?). I was thinking that the content of the guts and organs would make it a balanced meal.
  6. Sorry if this topic may upset some people, but I have been feeding raw as much as possible. Living where and how we do, with off grid power and very limited cold storage I do have to use a kibble at times. I have been considering "hunting" for the dogs food. Such as wild duck, rabbits and roo. The ducks and rabbits I was planning on feeding whole, just plucking and skinning. What are the risks of worms or disease? I'm assuming it would be a fairly balanced meal as this would be as close to a dogs natural diet as you can get. I also feed eggs and goats milk. I can easily add some oils and fruit and veg.
  7. Hi. What cav page are you on? I've just begun looking for a pup.
  8. All the ones I know are very healthy and have lovely temperaments.
  9. How about a border collie if you are keen on excersise and training? They are very rewarding if you have the time and energy. So smart. I could see them doing very well at agility and living runs and hikes.
  10. Yes. That is one of the main reasons for wanting a smaller dog. So they can be inside(preferably on my lap) at night. We work at home on the farm so I am home nearly everyday and out doing things with my animals. I'm looking for a 24/7 companion.
  11. It sounds like borders may not be the go for us. A shame as I love their scruffy cuteness, but I really want the more laid back nature. Would still love to meet one. Seems there are no breeders in WA! I had one lovely breeder get back to me (amazing how many don't), and give me a good run down of the pros and cons of the breed. So onwards I go with my search for a CKCS. Wish me luck.
  12. I would really like to maintain the silkyness of the coat but maybe just trim any very long feathering. Scissors ? Hopefully this won't cause the dull wavy coat that I've seen? I assume my breeder, when I find one , could help me too.
  13. Never heard of them gillybob. Thanks another breed to spend all night googling
  14. Thanks everyone. I guess I will take it as it comes depending on our individuals coat. I have no problem brushing. I think it would be quite enjoyable. I will see how we go as "he/she" gets older and if a daily brushing is enough to keep the grass seeds etc at bay. I do like the look of their coats but I am most drawn by their temperament. As long as they are comfortable and happy and healthy. We are quite a distance from any towns or groomers. Is the trimming something I'd be able to do myself with practice? Although I do like the idea of taking the dog out for the day and getting spruced up
  15. Hi. I am actively searching for our new puppy and have decided on a cavalier King Charles spaniel. This will be my first time owning a long coated breed. I have heard that clipping the coat damages it. How exactly does it damage it? What will happen if I clip and then try to grow it again?
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