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  1. Ok let's simplify the question here to cut back on the variables to a questions that seems unanswerable lol A buyer puts forward $2000 for a pup and then due to medical circumstances, that were unforeseen at the time the money was paid, the buyer is no longer in a position to take the pup due to no longer being fit at that point in time to provide a good home and care for the pup due to those unforeseen medical reasons what would be the right, fair thing for the breeder to do regarding that money that was put forward. I've heard mention of whatever is agreed on but I've found that more often than not a lot of breeders are interested in gathering as much information regarding a potential buyer and getting a "holding" deposit but are not as forthcoming when it comes to informing there buyers about all aspects of their potential purchase. A lot of so called "ethical" breeders don't even offer up a contract of sale and seem to only hold true to verbal "contracts" after the fact so they can make the rules up as they go which seem to only benefit themselves. I'm sure some may try to over intellectualise this and try to ad the variables debate but I believe it's a valid straightforward question broken down like this and although every breeder has their own "contractual" agreements, responsibley, and ethically what would be the RIGHT thing to do in an instance as mentioned above. Thanks guys.
  2. If a buyer can't take a pup for unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Just wondering what breeders policies are when it come to deposits, payments, etc from puppy purchasers if for some valid reason, ie serious illness, hospitalisation etc of the buyer where to occur what would be the fair thing to do by the breeder if for above mentioned reasons the buyer was no longer able to take the puppy in an unforeseen circumstance? Would the monies paid be transferable to a later purchase, partial or full refund? All info welcome, I'm just curious because I've never seen this discussed and it seems a lot of breeders that have websites and even those that don't do not seem to really inform to much on procedures regarding this. All in all I'm trying to look at this from the prospective that for some reason the BUYER can no longer take the pup.
  4. So I hear a lot of people complaining about how dare theses people, and don't they know better. Yes BSL is a bunch of crap and the councils, and government need to wake up and get their shit together because ANY breed of dog can become human or dog aggressive. Don't you think though rather than "reputable" registered bully breeder just having a little stab at "back yard" breeders breeding and then selling certain breeds on gumtree etc via a forum that does not really target or even really be seen, or heard by said backyard breeders. Wouldn't it be better to get off your asses and start educating your greater community at large by going to council meetings and speaking about these things, educating the younger masses by talking at primary and secondary schools, organising awareness days regarding these beloved breeds, raising awareness on media, and I don't just mean on Facebook, but radio, television, for f***s sake go and hand out informational flyers once a week at your local shops. Nothing changes if nothing changes, if you really care about these breeds don't just localise how hard done by you as a breeder, or owner of one of these amazing breeds on a forum filled with like minded breeders and dog lovers, be proactive in the real world. Although forums can be great, as can social media on the net, 90% most of the time we just end up trying to educate the already educated and winging about how hard done by we are as breeds, or owners of these breeds, and how hard done by these breeds are, but honestly when was the last time any one of you stepped out of this little insestuous community to educate the uneducated. No offence guys but seriously.
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