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  1. G'day all, I've just registered to get some insight into my situation. My partner purchased a pure breed bull terrier puppy from a breeder registered with this site for $2000 to breed with. We had him delivered by plane from Brisbane and he didn't look right, when we took him to the vets she told us he had a sever overshot jaw (the bottom K9's are drilling holes in the roof of his mouth, she wouldn't recommend breeding with him), she told us his jaw would change overtime but it would not correct it as its quite sever, and he will probably have to have his bottom adult K9's removed. We checked the Vet report supply by the breeder that we received after receiving the puppy and that Vet also noted the issue with his bottom jaw. We contacted and questioned the breeder within one week of having the puppy asking why she with held this Vet report from us until the pup was delivered and explain that we wish to send him back for a refund, with the return drive + flight covered by us- bring our loss to +$800 after the $2000 paid to her. She refused, and not won't answer emails or phone calls and we haven't even been sent any of his official breeding papers. just want to know where we stand and our best approach? we have had the pup for almost 2 weeks now.
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