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  1. Havanese

    There has not been much activity on this thread for a while, but we recently got a Havanese pup. He is about 3 and a half months old now and he is one of the most playful pups I have met. Sometimes a bit too playful, like when I am busy trying to get some work done and he is under the desk trying to work out how to untie my shoes! He is purebred from a registered breeder, but we got him as a pet, so we will not be showing him and will be keeping him in a nice "puppy cut". We chose this breed after a lot of research into temperaments, shedding, size etc and we are happy that we found out about Havanese. It seems that most people who meet him have no idea what a Havanese is so they are still a rarity. It has gotten to the point that I am thinking about making some business cards with some breed information on them that I can just hand to people when they ask what he is. He comes to work with me every day so he hasn't spent much time alone by himself at home yet, but I really do need to start getting him used to it because I am sure it would be easier to start something like that at younger ages. How do other peoples Hav's react to water and bath times? We don't have a huge place so I wash him in the shower to save on mess and he loves it. It has gotten to the point that sometimes I am in the shower and he sits just outside it barking at me and wanting to get in. We haven't taken him anywhere that he could go swimming yet, but I am looking forward to the warmer summer months to see how he will react to bodies of water. When it comes to how he reacts with children, he has his moments when he can get a little bit nippy. We are gradually controlling that, and he is just a pup so he is still teething, but it is something that we have to look out for when he is with small children as we don't want anyone complaining that he has bitten their kids face/hands etc. Does anyone have any ideas as to how many Hav's there are in Australia now? Also, are there any other Havanese owners in Sydney? It would be great to meet other Hav's (and owners of course) and trade grooming tips, info etc.