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  1. I disagree with calling 000 over such an incident but at the same time, most dog owners i've met are clueless about the rules of off-leash areas or public beaches where dogs are allowed. No control over their dog, not watching their dog and sitting on their phone, letting their dog jump on other people and animals, justifying their dogs behaviour such as humping or aggression or stealing from people (you shouldn't have brought treats to the park), letting dogs bully others, not calling their dogs away when asked etc We tend to avoid them at peak times and have a few where i feel owners are typically more knowledgeable and considerate and ask before letting their dogs come up to others (people and dogs) Most parks and beaches are just public areas even though many dog owners tend to think of them as "dog parks" or "dog beaches" and they are for everyone to enjoy, people with dogs, kids, people playing sport, people jogging, skateboarding etc not just "let your dog loose on the public areas" I'd also be all in favour of people passing a test before they can own a dog~
  2. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    So sad and I hear it all the time~ whenever i mention I have a dog (that I adore and train and play with) and that she goes on adventures with me - people comment on theirs and its almost always so disheartening. "He's just untrainable, difficult to handle, he's an outdoor only dog because he's to stupid to know he cant piss in the house, my dog is dominant, he think's he's top dog because he jumps on me when i get home, I cant take him anywhere." Some people don't even play/interact their dogs other than to give them food, water and vet visits and then whinge that its the dogs fault for not being perfectly well behaved
  3. Are the IYC summit games still available? I cant find them anywhere
  4. This is going to be a really stupid question but is it all about recalls? Or is there other stuff in there too? I've got a 100% happy recall away from barking at possums in the backyard and away from other dogs/pretty much everything... (it took 2-3 calls though when we saw a rabbit when we were out exploring and once saw a mouse on the street - both of these are once offs) but i don't have rabbits/mice nearby to practise with at home...? Would it still be useful for such situations? Is Its Your Choice a separate program to Recallers or part of it? Ideally I would like Mowgli to choose not to bark at possums every night, she will definitely come back each time i call her but i end up just closing the doggy door after recalling her a few times. Once the door is closed she doesn't care about them anymore.
  5. Online Pet Shop

    Jumbopets.com their shipping has always been super fast and they had the cheapest nexgard the last time I was looking~
  6. Grooming fuss

    I'm so glad that you like them I now love grooming my dog - its so relaxing for us both~
  7. Dog Tags - Online

    I can confirm that petidtags.com.au are dodgy - bought one for my puppy from there ages ago and selected the size and colour I wanted. Received an email saying that I'd ordered the standard large red bone size (which I had not), emailed them and got no response and they have no phone number to call~ I got the big red bone tag a week later but it definitely wasn't what I ordered and despite the message that came with it "if youre not happy just contact us" never got a response! I got a very pretty one in a local store a few weeks later though
  8. Help with choosing worming meds

    Nexgard is good for fleas and ticks -it is a chew and lasts one month We used to use nexgard and interceptor together but just switched to Nexgard Spectra which does heartworm, intestinal worms (except tapeworm) and fleas and ticks (and will give virbac once every 3 months for tapeworm)
  9. Which vet would you choose?

    Wow i cant believe a vet would object to wearing a muzzle on occasion! Will see how we go and then do a few consults at different ones if required
  10. Which vet would you choose?

    Sorry sarsplodicus - I dont believe anyone was trying to be mean! Thank you for the well wishes Its just that is an issue which tends to get people up in arms and there is evidence that the "reinforcing fear" idea is not how giving treats to a scared dog works! I dont like to get into such discussions online but please do check out more resources on the theory behind counter conditioning and desensitisation~
  11. Which vet would you choose?

    Sophia Yin has some great work that highlights counter conditioning and desensitisation I've used these techniques with a variety of (previously growling and biting) dogs to get them used to used to grooming or seeing other dogs~ I think we will drop into the new vet a few times and see how we go! ~ It was probably just a once off in hindsight as she has never acted like that anywhere and normally is pretty fearless/gungho
  12. Which vet would you choose?

    Can I ask how you vet shopped to find your vets? Did you go in when they had no issues to a few of them? Did you need to book appointments etc? I feel like online they all look pretty much the same - some just have more tech and staff than others~ I've also got a few more recommended ones but not sure how to go about it!
  13. Which vet would you choose?

    I'm not against that philosophy but I would vet shop to make both me and my dog happy (and I don't think I would be happy if my dog was always miserable at the vet) It would be pretty hard to determine and compare vet skills (vs qualifications which are pretty similar at most vets) without a little bit of shopping ~ I have always had dogs that love going to the vet
  14. Which vet would you choose?

    I definitely liked the second vet more in terms of ideals and trust (and would go there but only if she was happier there) and we could do more trips there but it is not super close and would take almost an hour return~ I doubt they would let us just go into exam room (where she was uncomfortable) to drop in though? and she was very happy in the waiting room as it was, so not sure that going there would really change much - perhaps they had done a scary procedure in the room before we went in, or she smelled another animals fear and thats why she was scared? So it could be a once off thing in that case - hard to say at just one visit!
  15. So the first vet is where I have been taking Mowgli since she was a puppy, she has been there quite a few times (I’m a bit of a hypochondriac), she did puppy school there and sometimes she goes when I take my friends dog too. It’s also the closest to my house and has lots of fancy equipment. She loves going there, bounces in the door, chills out when she is not being examined~ However generally speaking I disagree with some of their practices: · puppy school was not positive only and scared many puppies unnecessarily (not Mowgli), · at her first checkup one of the vets said she was “dominant” at 10 weeks old when she didn’t like having her eyes examined and wiggled (since then we have worked on handling more and she is great with it) so I feel they are behind the times · insist on yearly C5 vaccines despite what the AVA says and · they have been sort of pushing to have her anal glands removed which I don’t feel is necessary (she did scoot sometimes but it has been reducing over time quite considerably!) Second vet comes highly recommended by many people including dolforums, positive reinforcement puppy school (though shes too old for it now), does the 3 year vaccine and yearly kennel cough and in general the vet was much gentler with her and explained everything to me~ It’s a bit further and not as high tech looking as the vet we normally go to though. However, she hated going into the exam room, was her usual happy self until we had to go in the room and then cowered and crouched and even whined when we were in there. The vet gave her treats and was just lovely to her but still she wasnt fully relaxed. She is normally very relaxed and happy everywhere, she even bounced into the emergency vet that one time we had to go and has never acted like this before anywhere! Should i just stick to where she is comfortable? or hope she improves with the second vet? or find a third one? Here she is all grown up~