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  1. I think everyone is giving helpful solutions in this forum - you just dont want to listen to them? In terms of what you are allowed to do - best is to talk to your council and discuss the situation with them. I have walked dogs who were leash aggressive (in the very distant past) and often got approached by off leash dogs (despite only taking them to on leash areas). In that situation my council said that if the dog with me was to attack an off leash dog in a place that was not designated as off leash, then i would not be at fault
  2. Thanks everyone - i'll pass on the info to her! Its a bit tricky at the moment as she is working 1.5 hours away from home (for the next few months) so even getting to vet has been difficult and it seems like she'll need to go a bunch more times to really get to the cause of the issues
  3. Is this someone that your vet is meant to refer you to or do you just decide to do Bowen therapy and find one? He is still occasionally chewing the leg (albeit a lot less than before) on the metacam so it may be tingly or nerve pain...
  4. Thanks for the recommendation - we'll be going there next - he really explained what was going on properly to us and its not too far!
  5. I think so! Steven le Nepveu - hes not on the Black Rock Vet website and as he's a locum i don't think we'd be able to get him as a regular vet
  6. ah sorry I misunderstood! yes that is true, would have to ask her what happened back then - but this one didnt seem to recommend any supplements or dietery things so i think we should at least try somewhere else Funnily enough the locum vet who we saw for the cut paw often works at Black Rock vet and we were considering following him there anyways!- he mentioned diet changes and supplements and we really liked him
  7. I was comparing to online pharmacies like this Naturally the bigger bottles are cheaper anyways, so we are less concerned about the metacam and more about Apoquel, where are you getting $250 for 100ml from - that is indeed much pricier!
  8. I dont think she'd be opposed to trying the elimination diet for him and figuring out what works, do you normally do that in consultation with your vet or on your own? This vet briefly mentioned it but said it takes over 3 months and can be ineffective. I am also happy to know of any vet recommendations near SE Melbourne, I take my puppy to the same vet at the moment but she's mostly gone for simple things like gastro as a puppy~
  9. The xrays showed the limp to be from serious arthritis in his back ankles. It is very different on each side, the left side is worse and quite swollen (thats the leg with the limp) and its located at the top and outside of the ankle, but on the right side the arthritis is at the bottom inner side of the ankle. He is quite a hyper dog so its really hard to tell that he's in pain and often when we go to the vet he gets even more excited and doesnt limp at all...
  10. Didn’t realise these were normal prices (they seemed excessive to me)… glad I have pet insurance for my pup ...I’m basically going to these appointments because she doesn’t have a car. The Apoquel is for the allergies, which cause him to itch/lick and get hot spots or moist dermatitis. We did discuss dietary causes but the vet thinks it is unlikely to be diet related because he is on grain free and fairly simple food without any of the typical allergens and because its mostly a summer issue. We have removed a wandering jew plant last year and havent seen any more, so its likely to be grass or pollens according to the vet - he also seems to think that dietery allergies are very rare...?
  11. Yep have only been looking at the Australian pharmacies and they have Apoquel for $250~ for 100 and will do so with a script (when we finally get it)
  12. Vet – is this thorough or excessive? (Treatment and costs) This isn’t for my dog but my friends dog who limps occasionally after exercise and is frequently itchy during summer. When she had mentioned his leg issues a year ago the vet had said there was no point doing xrays on his legs as the treatment plan would be the same. We went in a couple of months ago for a hotspot and got prescribed pred x which seemed to help both his itchiness and his leg issues. We went in again a few weeks with another hot spot and got more pred x. Basically every time he was off pred x he would get itchy again. So he was taken back in, they said because he had had pred x in the last couple of days we would need to come back in again in 4 days after he was completely off it. We go back in in 4 days and they did a quick feel around and said that they couldn’t figure out what the problem was so they would have to do xrays and skin scrapings under general anaesthetic. Xrays are $550 Blood test $140, skin scrape $40, urine sample $40, general anaesthetic $140 fluids IV $77 half day hospitalisation and other general drugs, $100 The x-ray result is that he has arthritis in his hocks/ankles At first we were told that the skin scrape would tell us what the itchiness was from, we wrongly assumed they meant similar to a skin panel, turns out it’s just a scrape for mites which he was just double checking he didn’t have. We get sent home with a $6 a day drug for itchiness - apoquel (20 tablets for $120) and then another for limping (metacam $48 for a 32ml bottle). Looking online these drugs are literally half the price and I have no idea how much general/blood tests/xrays of legs should cost at the vet, do these prices seem normal or excessive to you? We are located near Bentleigh VIC Every time we come in they basically say we’ll need to see you in a couple of weeks to see how its going, these visits aren’t exactly cheap and they wont prescribe the medication until “next time” we’ve been in twice now after the initial findings (he also managed to get a cut on his foot and needed antibioitics two weeks after all this) and we still don’t have a script. Today we were adamant that we leave with a script for Apoquel as it is a long term issue in summer and is less than half their price online – they said they don’t have time right now to write a script because they are running late but will call us during the week to discuss the script or getting cheaper aqoquel from them directly. Is this a normal vet being very thorough or just trying to get cash?
  13. Social media makes people who are far away feel closer and those who are close feel far away! That said a lot of dogs just ignore their owner at the park anyways so the owners cant treat it as time together either?
  14. I think some people have fallen out of love with their dog I see many people walking around staring at their phones, jerking their dogs away from things during the walk and then just letting them loose in the park and ignoring them some more With the exception of cafes (where she gets attention from a lot of people anyways and loves it) I mostly take my dog places to engage with it, we play, we train and she gets to sniff lots of exciting news too
  15. haha dont worry not going to! :) Thank you Simply Grand - shes pretty mellow so quite easy to groom (especially for a puppy)!