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  1. My previous dog has rescued my grandmother twice, with no training at all! My grandma used to live with us and was sometimes unsteady on her feet, she would go for short walks around the block and once she fell over at the end of the street and couldnt get back up. My dog kept on whining out the front window (something she had never done before) until i took her outside and she took me to my grandma. I have no idea how she knew, grandma was very softly spoken and I dont know how she would have heard her from more than 10 houses away! Years later we had a similar incident hap
  2. I dont know for sure if a wide collar isnt a worrying sensation but I don't get any stress signals from dogs when using one and most dogs are unlikely to move away from a tight flat collar (due to pulling) without any prior training, which they do do with ecollars? So if it is aversive, i would say it is considerably less so!
  3. "and i'm really happy that Australia is starting to catch up on dog training philosophy, and be more open to use corrections, just wish NSW could catch up with them but at least prongs aren't illegal lol ^_^" this is the part of your post that is bothering people. Firstly, moving to positive reinforcement IS catching up with dog training philosophy around the world, going to corrections is dog training of the past, outdated methods that have since been improved upon~ more and more countries and states are banning the use of e-collars, prongs - not the other way around! http://
  4. I'm not sure what the point of this video is...? I think some things effect different species differently, just because you put a e-collar on your neck and you dont feel any pain doesnt mean it isnt super uncomfortable for the dog, there are stress signs - whale eye and yawning etc, in the video straight after he puts "pressure" on the dog. Secondly the dog has no clue what he's meant to be doing! He's just standing there looking around being "pressured" to the point of being uncomfortable enough to have to move to figure out what is going on~ Lets say aliens/some evil
  5. i personally wouldnt have an aversive on (prong collar) if there was any chance that I could get frustrated enough to use it! I train mostly with shaping... I used to get frustrated until I tried to have people shape me to do simple behaviours (and tried on other people) - it is incredibly difficult even getting someone to lift their left hand or walk in a circle with marking and rewarding behaviour - i'm surprised that our dogs manage to learn anything at all when people can barely do it! Trying it on myself made me realise how hard it would be for them - so if my dog
  6. We were told water is fine at night time but to take it away first thing when you wake up in the morning
  7. Theoretically you could bring eco-friendly bags or a washable box to the butcher when buying the meat? Depends on the quantities and where you buy it~
  8. There is the pillow one? https://www.petstock.com.au/product/dog/kong-cushion-protective-collar-medium/53668 I think it would be less comfortable than the plastic one on hot days and your dog might be able to still reach the spot depending on location (if it was on the front toes or something)?
  9. Haha @Scrappi&Monty she is always just a little bit cheeky! Monty must have been in the Christmas spirit a bit early Me too @JulesP I think the one i go to right now definitely would, but they would actually end up being more expensive/time consuming than the patties right now!~
  10. A little bit of an update: she has transitioned to mostly big dog barf patties and is loving it! She still gets raw meaty bones each week and some additional tasty bits and bobs occasionally (sardines, cottage cheese, eggs) and a tiny bit of dry food I have to actually pick up her food bowl when she's done as otherwise she keeps jumping on it and then looking at me expectantly to fill it up again - she never really used to be into dry food unless it was in a treat toy or if she was doing tricks for it~ One happy dog!
  11. I wash my dog in the shower with the removable shower head For her face i reduce the water pressure slightly, gently hold her (long floppy) ear down and spray on her muzzle gently then shampoo and rinse in the same way. For the top of her head i try to direct the water down her neck and move her ears forward out of the way slightly. She loves having a shower and hasn't had any ear issues with this method - but if she didn't like water on her face id probably try the face-washer and diluted baby shampoo method?
  12. Sorry @PossumCorner that wasn't meant to be a slight against ALL pet carers - I am also a professional pet carer btw~ I, personally, do find it hard to trust someone with my dog after hearing such stories - the above lady from Signal Station Dog walking has 4.6 stars on Facebook (only 5 reviews though). IF i was looking for someone i would want good reviews, insurance, pictures and trust - but even in regards to pictures: I was at my local park a few weeks ago with my dog and a lady came in with a van of 6 dogs (none of which were hers), she let them run around i
  13. Wow...how does this even happen!? Makes it so hard to trust a dog walker or sitter - almost everyone has great reviews on their websites and pages!
  14. What is the difference between pet meat and human meat suppliers? Ive only seen one so far and its a bit far to go every week~ Is it just regular meat that has been frozen past the human consumption date? or is it a different quality of meat (more hearts and less muscles)? Does it have preservatives or additives not allowed for people? I occasionally buy Mowgli meat or mince but i cook it within hours and only keep it for a few days in the fridge
  15. oh wow that is quite cheap... the one near me has cheap(ish) bones? about $2 for a bag but theyre not very meaty ones or $4 for two meaty bones (two lamb necks or marrow bones or spine) i'm not sure about the price of offcuts as they arent displayed - the $10 a kilo stuff is referring to thighs drumsticks and mince type meats
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