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  1. Hi all, In my area of Victoria, I'm supposed to register my puppy at 3 months. She's only 1.8kg and has not been desexed yet. She will be, but once we find the right vet and the time is right; I don't know when the ideal time is, but at barely 3 months and 1.8kg, it seems a little early yet. But to register her with the council, we need proof she has been desexed. I don't want to avoid registering her, but I don't want to rush such a big medical procedure for the sake of bureaucracy. Have others dealt with this? How should I proceed? TIA!
  2. This is all so good to know! We will have 2 joining us in 6 weeks, and we have chatted a fair amount with the breeder. Hopefully she will pick a pair that have get along well!
  3. Just to update you, because you all have been SO helpful: I have not been successful in making contact with the particular breeder I was curious about following up with. I feel like whatever connection we had has fizzled out. (It's so much like dating!) However, I have had success with another breeder I have chatted with and today sent in my deposit for 2 beautiful maltese puppies who will be coming home in 6 weeks! Everything felt right about this situation and I am completely overjoyed! Thanks again for all your help in this endeavor. I am sure I will be asking puppy questions soon but I just wanted to say thanks in the meantime!
  4. I let them know that either SMS or a phone call at their convenience would be fine for me. I hope that it was ok to send it! I just thought this breeder was wonderful and I don't want to miss out because I didn't follow the right protocol, if that makes sense. You're doing great. Thank you! It's a pretty stressful process for a first-timer, so I really appreciate that! :-)
  5. I let them know that either SMS or a phone call at their convenience would be fine for me. I hope that it was ok to send it! I just thought this breeder was wonderful and I don't want to miss out because I didn't follow the right protocol, if that makes sense.
  6. Thank you, that's exactly what I was thinking about--that things would be hectic and this isn't going to be at the forefront of their mind like it is mind. Would an SMS be appropriate? It's not as intrusive as a phone call and I'm not really after any particular info at the moment. Just want to make my interest known.
  7. A couple weeks ago, I met up with a fantastic breeder at one of the local shows. (And thanks to all of you who helped me to know what to expect from that experience!) We agreed to meet at the end of July, when the pups were old enough to have had their vaccines. It's nearing the end of the month, and I'm wondering if I'm supposed to make the next move and perhaps send a follow-up SMS, or if I should be patient and not bother the breeder? What's the general etiquette? Many thanks as always!
  8. I know I'm asking a ton of questions, so I appreciate all the feedback I've been getting. Anyhow, I've noticed that many breeders will freight a puppy to a buyer interstate. How does the breeder choose which puppy to send to a particular family? Excluding examples where most the litter has been claimed already by more local families or there is only one of the sex the family requests, how is this done? I used to think that it seemed necessary to check out the puppies and find out who you 'click' with, and also to check out where they've been raised, but I get that there are so many local places. Anyway, I'm just curious on this whole process. Thanks!
  9. I originally set out looking for maltese, but I have found it nearly impossible to find any here so I've started thinking about other breeds that would be a good fit for me and I keep coming back to the CKCS. I'm originally from the US where the maltese seems more common; I didn't expect the scarcity here.
  10. Thanks all, this has all been so helpful so far! We've talked twice on the phone, with the first call getting a lot of those fitness, health, breed type questions out of the way. I think everything checks out on both ends so far. I'm kind of sensing that this more of an end step rather than a beginning one, if that makes sense. Still, I've never done something like this so it's good to have an idea of what to expect! I've been wavering back and forth on 2-3 breeds too, so I think this will help in that regard too.
  11. I've had a few phone calls with a breeder that sounds reputable. I like what I have heard and read so far. I'm going out to my first show(?) this weekend to meet him and meet a few of his dogs. I'm not really sure what to expect. If everything works out, I'm keen to adopt from him. Any advice? What should I expect, and what will be expected of me? Thanks!
  12. I hear you! It does come down to your choice of dog (age, breed, genetics, breeder), your ability to manage your dogs and your expectations. For example, I currently have 3 dogs - 9 yo Dalmatian, 5 yo field-bred ESS and her 15 month old daughter (all entire). So first dog - great temperament, well socialized and well trained...I knew he much preferred female puppies and so my next dog was a soft-natured girl. I still took them out separately, trained them separately and they had time out from each other so the older dog didn't get fed up and the dogs were individually bonded to me first. It wasn't his job to babysit! And now I have another girl I have to be careful that she and her Mama don't get too attached or too narky - puppies can be super annoying and seasons add another complexity. I can take one or two or three dogs out and they are cool with that - they happily co-exist as a group or will do their thing as individuals. They play together but would rather train with me as a first option. I always tell people - don't get a second dog to keep your first dog company. If you don't have time for one you sure as heck don't have time for two. And dogs generally prefer the company of their humans, not other dogs (there is science behind that although it's not true for all). I love training and competing so that's my motivation for having multiple dogs. Yes and I feel like a lot of it comes down to personal circumstances too. I'm in a good position right now to handle two puppies. Two years from now, I don't know if I'll be up for a new puppy or not, so the timing aspect is good.
  13. ^ I've heard such mixed opinions about getting two dogs at once or one at a time. I have had friends get one dog, wait 18-24 months and get another, and the first dog sulks or doesn't bond well with the younger dog. Then I've heard others say that their younger one benefitted from having a 'big brother/sister' around.
  14. Do not haggle about the price. Fastest way to get a breeder off side. Mind you I gave a discount to an overseas buyer who bought 2 of my pups. The transport costs were pretty high and they were a great home which has been proven over 5 tears. I'm glad to know this because I'm doing my best to follow up with good breeders but home in the US (I make my home here now) it is expected to negotiate on more expensive things. Granted, a puppy is not a 'thing' but I haven't done this before so I had no idea what expectations there are. I have done so much research on breeds and making sure my home is ready but the actual adoption process is a little stressful and foreign.
  15. Cool, thank you. I am just wary of things I see that seem way too low or way too high, so it's good to have an estimate.
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