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  1. How much daily/weekly grooming is required for a bichion? (For a pet, not a show dog). What health problems can they be prone too? What is the àverage price to buy a puppy from a reptuable breeder? Cheers
  2. How much daily/weekly grooming is required for a bichion? (As a pet, not a show dog). What health problems can they be prone too? How much should one cost from a reputable breeder? Cheers
  3. Wondering if anyone has experience with bichion frise? Have done some reading and they seem to tick a few boxes. I do wonder about the grooming requirements and upkeep. As mentioned earlier, have experience grooming schnauzers but realise this is a different breed. Also, how much would a bichion pup cost?
  4. Appreciate all the feedback and honesty. We won't be rushing into anything so plenty of time to research some more.
  5. Thanks Mjosa for your input. I understand that french bulldogs require supreme care. Im not after a dog that needs to run around for hours, quite the opposite really when i think about it. Just aslong as it is happy to interact with the kids.
  6. Results are in 1) border terrier 2) lagotto 3) cocker spaniel 4)bichion frise 5) poodle (mini) 6) beagle
  7. oh thanks for that. Will check it out
  8. Enough energy to be able to keep up with the kids, fetch a ball etc, but not a breed that will require 1 hr + of exercise a day. Basic obedience and manners should be sufficient. Some breeds i have thought about include; golden retriever, bichion frise, havanese, boston terrier, french bulldog, border terrier and cocker spaniel. I bit of a mixture, ha!
  9. ok thanks . I welcome suggestions. I have kids under 6 years of age. Generally someone will be home most of the time so the dog will never left for long periods on their own. We have a medium sized yard but also have access to some great parks close by. Dog can have as much access to inside as it wishes, no restrictions at all. A bit of grooming is fine, I have owned mini schnauzers and always did my own grooming. Im thinking a small to medium sized breed but wont exclude larger. Kid friendly is a must. It would be nice if they enjoyed curling up on the couch to at times. hmmm that is all I can think of at the moment. oh and we do have a cat. Cheers
  10. Hello, We are hoping to add a dog to our family but still sussing out different breeds. Have had a look at some of those dog breed recommendation sites where you go through various questions and gee some recommendations seem way off. Are there any that seem to be more accurate? Cheers
  11. Can anyone recommend a good pet insurance provider that is a good fit for a french bulldog? Ta
  12. interested to hear also.
  13. Hetty, your Lloyd is gorgeous. He looks like such a little gentleman .
  14. Vonasche who posted her babies on the previous page Thanks.
  15. Casowner, your boy is so sweet. Who was the breeder you got him from?