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  1. Cordless Vacuum Recommendation

    V8 absolute here. Can not complain at all. Great vac and performs well on floorboards and carpet.
  2. Help with choosing worming meds

    So all sorted for worms/heartworm with interceptor. Any recommendations for flea and ticks? Are oral meds or topical safer/better?
  3. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Another Dyson fan. Currently have the v8 Absolute and it is awesome. Super easy to empty and clean and power is great.
  4. Help with choosing worming meds

    crazy price. Must be due to expiry date but that is fine for us. Was In a pet store today getting some other things and had a squiz at the worming meds....wow, so so expensive compared to online.
  5. Help with choosing worming meds

    @Scrappi&Monty Budget Pets had Interceptor 4-11kg x 6 for $33.73 so I order some. Pups weight range falls nicely in and its a fabulous price. Exp is for 3/18. Cheers for your assistance.
  6. Help with choosing worming meds

    Yes there seems to be quite a price difference between stores (inc online) Just came across Canimax too. Is it true that it is administered every 6 weeks for heartworm prevention?
  7. Help with choosing worming meds

    Thanks for that. I think i recall reading somewhere that some dogs had been infected with heartworm even though they were on Interceptor?? In saying that my memory these days is pretty average lol.
  8. Help with choosing worming meds

    Just the topic I was searching for. I'm tossing up between using Milbemax (5 -25kg) or Interceptor (4-11kg). (pup is coming up to 6 kg and looking for a heartwormer and allwormer. Such a big difference in ingredient amounts obviously to allow for weight range. Would usuing the milbemax be over kill? hope my question makes sense. Cheers
  9. Bichon Frise

    How much daily/weekly grooming is required for a bichion? (For a pet, not a show dog). What health problems can they be prone too? What is the àverage price to buy a puppy from a reptuable breeder? Cheers
  10. Bichon Frise

    How much daily/weekly grooming is required for a bichion? (As a pet, not a show dog). What health problems can they be prone too? How much should one cost from a reputable breeder? Cheers
  11. Dog breed selector

    Wondering if anyone has experience with bichion frise? Have done some reading and they seem to tick a few boxes. I do wonder about the grooming requirements and upkeep. As mentioned earlier, have experience grooming schnauzers but realise this is a different breed. Also, how much would a bichion pup cost?
  12. Dog breed selector

    Appreciate all the feedback and honesty. We won't be rushing into anything so plenty of time to research some more.
  13. Dog breed selector

    Thanks Mjosa for your input. I understand that french bulldogs require supreme care. Im not after a dog that needs to run around for hours, quite the opposite really when i think about it. Just aslong as it is happy to interact with the kids.
  14. Dog breed selector

    Results are in 1) border terrier 2) lagotto 3) cocker spaniel 4)bichion frise 5) poodle (mini) 6) beagle
  15. Dog breed selector

    oh thanks for that. Will check it out