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  1. Trying to add a photo however its too big to upload.
  2. Hi guys need a bit of advice before i rush of to the vet. I walked my staffy on monday night we went to the park and at around 10pm i noticed two lumps near her mouth. One is bigger then the other and is quite firm. She's her happy self, not sooky and is eating and drinking fine could she have had an allergic reaction? Or is this something more sinister. I have given her an antihistimine and if shes no better by thursday we will be going to the vet or sooner if she gets worse I also gave her her flea treatment and wormer on sunday this was using a different brand to last time.
  3. So I couldn't log in over the weekend for some silly reason and my password reset wouldn't work I got home Friday and the papers were in the letter box so now we just have to fill in the two forms and its done, we also need to pick a new papered name as the name we put forward was rejected. Thanks for all your help everyone
  4. It does Natsu chan, thank you :) I will leave it another month then ask her again if I am yet to see anything. and Thank you we love her so much and cant imagine life without her.
  5. Hey There, We have had our pup now for three months (she is almost 5 months old) and we are still yet to receive her papers. I have emails stating we would receive them and I have been in contact with the breeder many times and now I feel like maybe she is making excuses (first time owning a purebred with papers so Im not sure of timeframes). When we last spoke she had to resubmit the papers as they have changed the microchip process (due to not having the barcode or something so we had to give her the microchip numbers and chosen name again). I have checked with dogs west and she has registered the litter, I gave them our puppies microchip number (this was done the day before we got the pip) but this was not registered in our name its in her name.... does anyone have a way we can change this? Also when / how should I escalate this issue of not receiving the papers? Is their a way to alter the papers if we get them and they are wrong? She has asked what name we would like on the papers about 5 times. is this a common occurrence? Any help is appreciated
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