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  1. What Is Your Opinion - Breed

    Thank you for your reply. No the pups are being sold on a (facebook - buy, swap and sell) site here in Armidale in Northern NSW. The advert is claims the pups are pure breed and the owner is asking $1300, however she does also write that no papers come with the sale. I have friends that know this person so I am not questioning her credibility just the credibility of the pups. Thanks again.
  2. What Is Your Opinion - Breed

    please see the attached pic of mum. Mini dash?? what are your thoughts.
  3. HI guys please help. We have found someone who is selling a mini dash puppy in our area and we are very interested however have some concern as to the claim that he is pure breed. I have attached father and pup, and will attach pic of mum. Please let me have you thoughts.
  4. Dachshund

    pics of parents mum
  5. Dachshund

    pics of parents
  6. Dachshund

    Hi guys. I am after some assistance. We are looking at purchasing a mini dash at the moment through a person who knows several friends of our. She is claiming that the pups for sale are pure breed, however we have some reservations. Would any please assist with their view after looking at the attached pics.