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  1. What Can I Do Until I Get Paid

    i hope so to i will let you all know tommorrow about his ears and what the vet says.
  2. What Can I Do Until I Get Paid

    well i just wish my vet would do this he used to but people never ever paid it off.When Einstein had his second paralysis tick at the end the vet bill was $650 cause i didn't have that kind of money they let me pay it off.This is the vet that is 30 minute drive from us.The vet in town you have to pay straight away unless its a real emereny where the dog has been biten by a snake or near death and needs an surgery.
  3. What Can I Do Until I Get Paid

    i didn't pick up on it until 4 days ago when he started shaking his head i didn't think of it until today while brushing him.When i got to the ears they smelt so then i knew there was something wrong.
  4. What Can I Do Until I Get Paid

    thanks everyone my mum and i are going to take him to the vet tommorrow for a check up.I hate going to the vet cause Einstein hates the vets now since his had well over 40 injections.
  5. What Can I Do Until I Get Paid

    i should have mentioned that when i took him to the beach a week ago he got nocked under water by a wave.Which is what i think caused this happen in the first place.Thanks everyone i might have have to ask my mum and see what happens if she will lend me the money or not until i get paid.
  6. I don't get paid for another week and Einstein my golden retriever shakes his head sometimes.They have a waxing kind of smell to them i think they need cleaning.I was wandering can i clean them myself his anal glends also need cleaning.How can i clean his anal glends do i need a groomer to do that.If so will it last for another week until i get paid.
  7. Calling Golden Retriever Experts

    No don't shave him golden retrievers meant to have long hair i have seen plenty around my area shaved and they look like labs gone wrong everytime i see them i keep saying to myself if you don't want the golden with long hair just get a labrador.I love seeing golden retrievers with long hair.Now with the ticks the vet remended me to put frontline on my golden retriever every 2 weeks.Also brushing everyday to every second day and while brushing check for ticks.I find they mostly hide around the ears,in the ears,in the mouth,under the arm pits,neck,anus,and also check the body matter of fact i check every part of my golden retriever.Here is a couple of pictures of Einstein my golden retriever.
  8. Vet Said My Lab Is Too Fat :-(

    I thought labradors meant to weigh the same as golden retrievers or aren't they related i always got told that they were related.The vet and a breeder said 35kgs is a good weight for a male not sure with a female tho.
  9. How Much Does It Cost

    I own 1 golden retriever and 1 pomeranian cross chihuahua and they get feed dry dog food twice a week and raw meat the rest.They get bones everyday or every second day.They also get chicken carsses once in a while.All this costs me $30 every 2 weeks.I buy the beef bones and raw meat from the butchers and i buy the dry dog food from the supermarket along with the chicken carsses.My dogs are spoilt rotten Einstein also gets a new toy once a month.
  10. Inflamed Gums

    the other vet is a 30minute drive away from us which is the vet i prefer as Einstein is not so scared of going there.The problem lies with my mum as i don't have the money on me i have to lend it off my mum and pay her back when i get paid next.Thursday is tottally booked out for all of us we all have appointments of our own we need.But i will get Einstein to the vet tommorrow and get him groomed on thursday.
  11. Inflamed Gums

    Yes he does have a heart problem caused by the paralysis ticks.His feet do get sore from time to time mainly if he runs to fast he has got a habbit of runing then stoping to quickly which makes him slide.I will get him to the vet tommorrow i can't now as there closed.If worst comes to worst i will have to change the groomers appointment for thursday.
  12. Inflamed Gums

    I could be wrong but to me he doesn't look like his in pain.But like you said they can hide pain very well so i will try my best to get him to the vet and groomer.I will probably have to get the vet to come outside to check him.
  13. Inflamed Gums

    His not in any pain he still plays and eats his dinner just won't touch the bones.He really does need both vet and groomer.He has a claw that is broken off and only hanging on my whole family will not touch it.I will try and get him to do both go to the vet and get bathed and all on the same day. I get worried when we go to the vets now cause Einstein hates vets he growls and goes to bite them.This is why i try to keep him away from vets cause he does not like them.So now when i have to take him i tell them to muzzel him which he doesn't like.
  14. Inflamed Gums

    Yes she would go to the dentist if she had a sore tooth but she thinks theres nothing wrong and i'm just worrying for nothing.He is starting to get that way he won't touch his bones unless my sisters dog wants it but then he will just lay near it and won't eat or chew on it.I'm going to have to convince my mum to take him to the vet.Tommorrow Einstein has an appointment to get bathed,his nails clippet,hair inbetween the pads trimmed,blow dryed,brushed,and frontlined which i have paid for so he can't miss that he really needs a bath.So i will try and get him to the vet on thursday or friday.
  15. Inflamed Gums

    I rang the vet and told him what his gums and teeth are like he said it sounds like gingivitis which i will have to brush his teeth if he will allow it.I have tryed brushing his teeth and he will not allow it and even growls.The vet said if he won't allow the brushing of his teeth theres nothing i can do about it.He said when i can to take him down and get his mouth checked out.The vets are closed now they close at 2pm its now 2:20pm. Just wandering will apple cider vinger work for this i'm thinking of mixing 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinger in his food.