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  1. NSW Central Coast/Hunter/Newcastle

    im sure that it'll be busy initially as its kind of out of the way from everything else.
  2. NSW Central Coast/Hunter/Newcastle

    Ive been checking regularly as I drive past, but the new fenced off lead area at Speeds Point is still not open. I had been hoping it was going to be open by now. They have been working on levelling out the field and the area has been completely re-grassed. There's a covered seating area now plus other benches and water fountains, but there is no sign of any agility equipment like I thought (or read?) there might be. Oh well, will keep checking but it looks like this might be something completed in the new year. By the way, the Speers Point upgrade looks amazing.
  3. NSW Central Coast/Hunter/Newcastle

    Anyone been to check out the new fenced dog park in Speers Point? I drove past and it looks like it might be open for use. Update: Posted too soon. Not open yet. Drove past yesterday and had seen the fence was up but taking a look today they are still working in the fenced off area. Anyone know when it is supposed to be open? Here's a link to the area showing the dog park for those who are unsure where it is located.
  4. Dog Breeds - 101

    I wondered if Cane Corso could be added back in again please. It looks like it may have been a while back but is no longer available. Thanks.
  5. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Highly recommend a Miele with a power head. Makes easy work of my cat and dog fur.
  6. Supplementing a raw diet

    I'll be checking them out this week when I am out that way. Thanks. Lots of good suggestions so I'm sure I'll be able to reduce the cost and staying raw for the most part. I'll see what can find this week from the suggestions that have been made.
  7. Supplementing a raw diet

    Thank you, will do.
  8. Supplementing a raw diet

    So I gave the SKD200 Kangaroo & Potatoe a try this morning and there were zero issues with him taking to it. Ate it all immediately. Slobber everywhere.
  9. Supplementing a raw diet

    I do keep a small bag handy on the odd occasion that I have forgotten to make up a raw meal or have run out and need to head out the door quickly. I would need to check how much is in a big bag of kibble and compare against how much it costs me to feed raw which at the moment is about $8 per day.
  10. Supplementing a raw diet

    From a quick calculation based on Prime 100 SPD or SKD being approx $12 per roll I would save $50 a month. So not a bad saving. If I can get a better bulk price for raw I will try and go that way first.
  11. Where To Buy Raw ?

    Warners Bay. You?
  12. Where To Buy Raw ?

    I have been looking for some where local to buy raw so Ill have to give them a bell. Thank you.
  13. Supplementing a raw diet

    Thanks for the feedback. From what I could tell it seemed to be a more premium roll compared to the standard supermarket stuff. I won't be relying on what ever I supplement as a complete diet, so maybe I could alternate with this. My boy eats 1.2kg per day so I would move through a roll pretty quickly.
  14. Supplementing a raw diet

    Thanks I hadn't checked the thread in a while. When I last posted in there I didn't get a response and looking in the mean time hadn't come up with anything.
  15. Supplementing a raw diet

    With Beef it's mince and heart. With chicken it's mince, kidneys, necks and wings. With both I'm adding steamed veggies, egg, coconut oil, VANs Health Boost and Omega Blend. The meat is all Coles bought as I haven't been able to locate where to buy bulk. I know I could save there if I can find somewhere get bulk.