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  1. You people are the best thanks everyone who posted!! Keep them coming!!!
  2. Hello and thanks for reading!! My partner and I just got an English bulldog pup called knuckles! We haven't picked him up yet but we can at the 8 week mark in a few weeks. we have been doing soo much research so we can give this little dude the best life!! Now while doing research we hit a question that gets a lot of criticism. what do we do when we go to work and how do we leave him? Lucky for us when we get the little dude we will both be on holidays and get 4 weeks roughly to settle him in! but after that we will be going back to work and he will spend roughly 8 hours by himself. I thought this kind of thing was normal, I mean we all go to work yeah? And people have been pet owners forever.. When I asked social media this everyone told me leaving him was cruel and I shouldn't get that kind of dog and I'm this and that.. I mean really... kids are not an option for us so this little dude will get kinda spoiled as we already have over 30 chew toys(a lot of them you can stick snacks in them how cool is that!!) a rad bed! And other fun looking stuff Ok this is what we were thinking, please let us know your tips and if we are going in the right direction or are we over thinking this too much! So he will be an inside dog most of the time toilet training him to go outside and when we go to work leave him outside.. how will this work? we are starting to toss up the idea of maybe keeping him inside but we don't want to screw up the toilet traing routine.. We have also found out that the heat is bad for these guys so we got some cooling chew toys, a cooling gel mat but we're after some ideas for other things we can do. So what I really want to know is what should we do when it comes time to go back to work and leave him behind until we return And how do we go about the heat side of things Any advice would be muchly appreciated!! Once again thank for reading Jarrod and Brittney.