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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have noticed she is slowly coming back to herself, still doing odd little things like pacing around the house for no real reason then just dropping on the floor and lying there, literally just going in circles, isn't eating dry food, just wet food currently, won't touch the dry food. I only put the cone on her when we are at work and she is by herself or at night when we cant watch her. When we are home with her, she doesn't have the cone on. We ended up getting the inflatable one which she seems to enjoy more and can sleep better with.... I caug
  2. Hi everyone, Just thought id get some advice. We had our dog desexed on Monday (9 month old Japanese Spitz X), came home lethargic and very tired which is very normal from what I have read. Dog has slept in our bedroom last two nights so we could keep an eye on her, had to have a cone on as she keeps licking the stiches. My question is this, how long is it generally before they go back to their normal selves, I searched numerous topics about desexing and most people said after 24 hours the dog was back to normal. My dog is doing things I have never seen before, literall
  3. I think it's funny because it seems most dogs are happy with a warm blanket.. my dog loves sleeping on her blanket inside.. So I understand the Op shop blankets and dogs just loving them.
  4. This is one of the more recent photos of her.
  5. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had luck with a tough bed that a dog cannot chew? My dog ha started chewing on her beds and pulling the green filling out (they are Kmart beds) we exercise her before we leave her and she has plenty of chew toys and kongs but this is just a fun thing for her. Has as anyone found a solution bed to this problem? Any brand that seems indestructible? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks Showdog... I get such mixed responses as you can see, some people say they drop coat twice a year, others say it will be all year round like yourself so my responses are mixed and confusing but I understand everyone's opinions too. Can you explain what you mean brush in line and comb? What's the difference? Sorry for my inexperience just wanted some answers.
  7. Hi all, I searched this forum for an answer on puppy shedding and one thread came up which didn't give a lot of info and it was from over 6 years ago so thought i'd start a new one. We have a 5 months old Japanese Spitz X Shiba Inu and currently is shedding like crazy, our couch, clothes covered in her hair. We have her groomed almost every 2 - 3 weeks professionally and they take a fair bit of hair out and we try to brush every couple of days. However it just seems like it's not enough and she is always shedding... I understand she may be changing her coat but how lon
  8. Awesome, I drove past My pet warehouse today haha could of picked one up... the ones from America use real grass where this one seems to be a rubber grass mat which is cool and yeah the free on helps... I have 100 pee pads so I am assuming I could use them in it too.
  9. Thanks Alibi, I'll look into that one too... is it true it turns the urine into a gel? Thanks
  10. Hi Maddy, Wow, they look awesome, how often are you having to wash them?
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to gauge opinions on this matter, I have searched and searched this forum and others and struggling to find up to date answers etc. I live in an apartment and recently put a Pet Loo in the pen she stays in at night (it's in the garage) and she has been using it perfectly, stupid me left it too long in between cleans (2 weeks) before i emptied it and washed it and the grass... I have since use White Vinegar and washed it with hot water to try and eliminate the foul odour it releases but it just isn't going away... Did I leave it too late to clean it
  12. Hi Showdog, Thank you for your reply. Our situation is a little unique, we live in a townhouse with no backyard but a front yard which we have to take her out too. We are moving to a house in a few months so this isn't permanent by any means but we have to make do with what we have. The pup is very clingy, we have toys galore in her pen and upstairs when she is with us and we give her new ones every few days, but she will play for a minute and then come and jump on us for more attention. She is starting to settle down after a few minutes when we put her in the pen, there is maybe a minute
  13. Hi all, I did watch the video by Mrs Rusty Buckets, I am trying it this weekend. Is it possible to almost re-train her to love her pen? I feel it has a negative impact towards her, she started moving her bed closer to the gate, I'm assuming because she wants to be as close as possible to us. Roova - I have a kong but once she is in her stressed state she sees nothing but wanting to get out of the pen. Thanks again
  14. Hi guys, Again, thanks for your replies. Ruralpug: I have tried to make her pen a happy place, we have toys in there, chew toys as well - my wife and I play with her in there, feed her in there etc I haven't had a chance to try the clicker training in the video although I plan to this weekend. Mrs Rusty Bucket: I want to cave in but i end up turning my TV on so I can't hear her - a bit of tough love. I hope this isn't detrimental however. I know it's only 4 full days in so I am probably expecting too much from her to just be cool with being on her own and to be honest from the second day
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