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  1. Akita Dog Food

    Hi everyone, Okay, so I thought I would just reply to this thread instead of starting a new one. So, holy shit! An Akita is a stubborn dog. We have sorted 99% of her problems out and she is turning out to be a very great dog. Also, to answer my own question in case I ever forget, she is on ADVANCE brand food. So I promised everyone photos, and I know it has been like nearly a year, but here they are! Here she is a a new born puppy! She looks like a little polar bear or something. Very strange looking. So she is growing up and looking more like a teddy polar bear. Here she looks kind of like a dog. She is so cute she looks fake! This is her first day at our house. The dude who dropped her off (she was shipped from NSW to Melbourne) said he thinks there is a baby polar bear in the back of his truck. The first day she was very scared with everything and everyone. The next day she behaved as if she always lived with us. As you can see, some time has passed since the previous photo. She is playing with out neighbours Boxer in the park behind our house. Funny story - A couple of weeks ago we went to Lysterfield Park and the birds were coming to eat our food. There was one poor bird there who didn't have legs. He had stumps I guess. So he would always be sitting. Once a whole bunch of them sat down, my 4 year old daughter joked that they had all lost their legs. Here she is destroying my wife’s fitness book. We turned our heads for a few moments and BOOM! Her manners are much better now after training. This is our daughter giving her cuddles. Cuddles like this have since stopped to avoid cheeky behaviour from our dog. Now she pats the dog and both of them seem to be very happy together. We do however keep her muzzled when both of them are playing together. Finally, a photo of Joe Pesci. I'll be happy to answer any questions people have if they are thinking about getting an Akita as a pet. There is a lot of work involved, but she is shaping up to be the dog I always wanted. Cheers!
  2. Akita Breeders

    Hi everyone, After extensive searching and speaking to other members I am just wondering if there are any members here who can recommend a good Akita breeder. I have so far narrowed it down to two breeders, but I would also like to hear about other good breeders who can be recommended. Thanks.
  3. Akita Dog Food

    Thanks for all the input everyone. I'll ask the breeder what they feed their dogs and go from there when the time comes. Thanks.
  4. Akita Dog Food

    Thanks for that!
  5. Akita Dog Food

    Great info! Thank you very much for that. So, basically the breeder will be the person to get most of the info from as they will know best? If that is the case, there is a breeder I am hoping to be able to make the purchase from. Are we allowed to ask for reviews on here for certain breeders? So far I have been impressed with the e-mail replies the breeder has given me, but community input can't hurt. Thanks.
  6. Akita Dog Food

    Thanks very much :) I tend to stay away from Facebook groups. A lot of people have a lot of opinions, and a lot of people are stupid. So you end up with a lot of stupid opinions... from stupid people. Forums always seem to have a much better community than Facebook groups. I hear you on the sales people. The other week I went into Harvey Norman (Narre Warren) to look for an induction cook top. The sales guy was trying to get me to buy a gas cook top. The man proceeded to tell me that a brass burner will produce a hotter flame than an aluminium one of the same design. He then went on to say that the aluminium burner would melt. That was like a Facebook reply but in the real world. Totally caught me off guard. I have been reading a few threads on here, but nothing I can find is going into the needs for an Akita specifically. I'll keep looking around. Thanks again.
  7. Akita Dog Food

    Hi! Great :) Thanks very much :)
  8. Akita Dog Food

    Hi Scottsmum, Thanks for the reply! Awesome, thanks very much for the info. So, basically any "premium" brand dog food is *good*? Aside from the no-name stuff, are there any brands that are "premium" but actually are rubbish and not great for the dog? Is there a difference between canned and dry as far as what is good for the dog goes? For example, will not feeding the dog canned food be beneficial, or would it be better to throw in some canned food from time to time? Or, does it not really make a difference? Awesome. Thanks. Excellent, I will be sure to have a read of that. I am interested in what is best for the dog, so any sort of feeding is fine by me, even if it means cooking for the dog, that's fine. Nope, no dog as of yet. I want to make sure I know a fair amount of information regarding the dog as possible before buying her. I figure the more I know, the more smooth things will go and the better the dog will be for it. Things like training, diet, etc are all things I would like to get a fairly decent grasp on. My wife's grandfather use to train working dogs, so my wife knows how to train, but I would also like to read about it. But at the moment the diet is the focus for me. I don't yet have a dog so I will not be able to share a photo of it with you guys. However, since it is a "must" and I would hate to break a rule (being brand new and all), here is a photo of Joe Pesci. I hope this will suffice. Thanks for the welcome :)
  9. Akita Dog Food

    Hi everyone, I have been reading about various dog foods and it seems like everyone has a different opinion on what is the best. This has left me confused as I am absolutely new to this, so I have some questions. What are the top 3 generally accepted brands of dog food? What is the best brand of dog food specifically for an Akita? Do I need to alternate between wed and dry food and if so how often? Do I need to alternate between different types of food (chicken, beef, etc) and if so how often? Are there any home-made food recipe's that you can recommend? Are there any other questions I should have asked specifically regarding an Akita diet? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.