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  1. We have tried German Shepherd Rescue SA when a 6 month old girl came up but due to their policy of not placing a female where there is already a resident female they wouldn’t accept us even though we have had 2 girls at once in the past (twice) without any issues. Our resident female is an Alaskan Malamute and she is bullet proof when it comes to other dogs. getting an older dog is an option but they have to get along with our current dogs.
  2. Hi All, We have been out of the loop for a while we bought our last GS puppy in 2002 and she was $600. I have started making enquiries as we would like to get another GS but I have noticed that the prices have risen astronomically. I have enquired with a few breeders and I get pricing between $2000 to $3000. With the explanation that its all the medical testing etc etc that the puppies go through that is why its so high. Does anyone out there sell their puppies for under $2000 anymore or am I going to be faced with going to a backyardie because in the real world who has that type o
  3. Hi Currently my husband and I have 3 Alaskan Malamutes (1 male and 2 female 10,4,3) we are actively involved in the Sled Dog Racing community in South Australia for the past 13 years. We have had 3 German Shepherds in the past our first two we were involved in Dog Obedience and trialing the 3rd was purely our "dog boss" who would keep our Mallies in line and out of trouble, she was a busy girl, and went grey prematurely though lived to a good age of 12.8 years. We would like to get another GS (short or long coat not fussed, have has a soft coat Mally in the past, we know the work involved wi
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