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  1. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    I am just guessing water amount, but it was a very large amount, it is now 44 C and climbing, have just reported the matter again to RSPCA and they will be coming out tomorrow, over 200km trip for him, they d did say if it gets any worse , to ring them back and they will send the police, so we just will monitor it as the day goes by, and will act if it gets any hotter.
  2. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    hI got a friend to approach the owner this morning about, the way he is treating his pup, and the owner moved the pup inside his house, glad that he did, because it was 42 C outside at 10.30 am, but after an half hour, you could hear him abusing it. The wife is away at work, she works 12 hour shifts so dog could not be in worse hands. I asked my friend to offer the owner 350 dollars for pup as he is a cattle farmer and told the pup owner that the pup would be trained to work with the farm animals, and that it is what kelpies are bred for. The pup owner said she is not for sale, that his kids want to keep it. My friend said you cannot leave a puppy that young outside in the heat , jammed up on a lead with no access to water and shade as young pups cannot regulate their temperature. The a.... hole didn't care for that comment and said he will do look after the pup his way. I contacted a police friend of mine a short while ago, and he said, this guy is a ex-bikie and he also could not intervene as the dog is his possession , and will only intervene if the dog is seriously injured. Just notice dog has just been put outside at 1.40 pm, in no shade, temp is 44 C. I think I have to go over and intervene., and face the consequences. I stayed up all last night and waited until they went to sleep and went over and gave her water, she drank a litre and a half, she was hanging onto me and wouldn't let me go.
  3. A relative new neighbour has taken on board a 8 week old purebred red kelpie puppy (female). They got this puppy at 5 weeks of age. They told me they were pressured into taking it. We live in Northern Western Districts of NSW, and it is average 39 Celcius every day. They are treating it very badly, it is on a lead in an area where it hardly gets shade and gets caught up on stuff so it ends up with a very short lead. I have intervened on two occasions, when they were in the house, but they did not know I was there and I saved her from being strangled. She is currently in the same position right now 6.37 pm, 12/1/19 today. She cannot regulate her temperature and when I do get over there she drinks a hell of a lot of water. The wife and partner will not look after her, the kids want to , but father wont let them intervene. I intend to seize the pup as soon as humanly possible, but can only do so when it is safe to do so. I first removed her when she fell into open septic tank which is 7 foot deep full of sewerage, their children broke into earlier in the week. They are not interested in fixing it, so if dog gets off it's lead again , will probably end up in there again. I have not left my home for two weeks so as to protect this beautiful pup from their cruelty. The father beats her and throws things at her when he perceives she has done something wrong, which is all things little puppies do. The pup has an implant, so am worried about how to legally protect her from them to save her life, if I Illegally sieze her. My wife agrees with me, about taking her as we absolutely love dogs to death. We do not have an RSPCA ranger in our area, nor a council ranger whom is 200km away and wont travel. What can I do? This is an urgent matter. Am willing to purchase dog from them for substantial amount, to entice them to part with her, but, this is the last legal resort. This pup needs help urgently. What do you guy's suggest I do?. Am ex -soldier on DVA pension for PSTD , and cannot handle confrontation anymore. EDIT: I have just checked the dog, at 8.45 pm and it is on short caught up lead, cannot lie down, only 100 mm of movement on lead. I can see the pup from my fenceline. It has not had water for 4 hours, is currently 30 Celcius. This guy is very dangerous(the owner) so I expect bad confrontation, either against me or the pup in retailiation, would take pup now, but owner has outdoor lights on. Really seems from lack of comments, that I should not intervene, and just let dog die.
  4. Bike doggy basket

    I have found an item and ordered it from an online pet store from Sydney thru ebay. It is a metal framed collaspsible material crate. I will show photos of it with Molly on board and give out price and location name of company after I receive it on Monday. THANKYOU everyone for help.
  5. Bike doggy basket

    Thank you, I thought of a trailer and I would buy one if I was taking one of the other dogs instead as they are double her size, but its the extra weight of 25 kilos plus a 5 kilo dog, much more water at 1 kg per litre and a lot of extra food puts a lot of strain on it's engine namely me. With molly on board extra food and water I am already carrying 115kgs and the bikes safe load is 130 kgs so I am restricted to that weight limit. My wife has suggested I compromise with other items I have around the house like clothes baskets and plastic boxes and as well as she says I am pretty handy I could build one. So I might go down that way.
  6. Bike doggy basket

    As I am only new to this forum, I am yet to work out this feature, but in due course I will upload some photos.
  7. Bike doggy basket

    Thank you Rural Pug, The brown carrier is similar to what I am after, but I will use those names to look for more options. In relation to Molly touring with me sometimes, she really enjoys it and it gets her away from her overbearing doggy friends here at home. As well as that I need the company, as it is very lonely travelling especially when your partner cannot ride. We only travel locally in the New England area no more than 300 klm from home, and I tend to go to rivers and creeks with her as it is a lot of weight to carry extra water and food if I go further out. I do longer trips, more than 5000 klm every couple of years and intend to do one this autum, but she wont be coming along as I think it is too long for her. When I am leaving and she is not packed, she gets upset and tries to climb up the bike. It's really sweet. Thanks for your input.
  8. Bike doggy basket

    I have been looking for a wire dog basket that can be covered for waterproofness and warmth and easily attached to my camping gear on the back of my touring bicycle, am not having much luck. I have looked at dog bike bags but their either too small or too big . The dog is a 3 legged shitzu X maltese. She has been on a bike before in a milk crate that was hard wired to the rear rack. But this time the basket has to go on top of tent and sleeping bay so hockey strapped on and I want something better and more comfortable for her. Any help would be appreciated.