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  1. Hi all, My pup was vaccinated initially by breeder before picking up at 8 weeks, we then had 2 lots of C5 done at roughly 10 weeks and 16 weeks. I had dog titre tested at 15months and all anitibody results were high(1:80). Now I have done a second titre at 2 1/2 and the distemper results are low - all other results high. This (new) vet is suggesting I revaccinate dog based on these results. However, my readings suggest that a low results may not indicate lack of immunity but rather dog has had no contact with virus and is therefore not producing an immune result. And that my initial titre at 15month had shown that dog as an adult was capable producing an appropriate immune result. Hoping some more experienced users can share their thoughts? Dog is otherwise healthy - very fit and active. Cheers. Ben
  2. Hi all, I will be moving from Perth at the end of this year to the South Coast of NSW which I understand is tick central. Just wondering what people are using/recommend for Paralysis Tick prevention. As I see it my choices are NexGard/Bravecto tablets or Advantix/Frontline Spot-ons .......or nothing I have tried my dog on Nexgard previously and did not seem to have any adverse reactions - however, the negative experiences of others with these new oral medications makes me a little catious about using long time(also the unknowns with new medications). However, I have also had family members dogs die from these ticks, so I know they are no joke. Any recommendations/feedback is much appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  3. Mange??

    Hey all, Just providing an update - 3 weeks into treatment and wouldn't even know that he had any issues with demodex. Not sure wether this was something that would've sorted itself out naturally in this timeframe or as a result of treatment - but hair has grown back fully and looking smart again Cheers, Ben
  4. Mange??

    Thanks Starkehre. Already on partial raw diet - also supplementing with Omegas and Probiotics. Never had any other skin/allergy/health issues before or currently - vet said he looked in great general condition and it can just happen quite normally during growth spurts etc He's been pretty 'randy' lately - so maybe his hormones are all over the place?? As I said, it's pretty mild unless you are looking for it - even vet took a while to see it on the right angle - hopefully we can knock it over quickly
  5. Mange??

    Yep - will keep updated with his progess. She said that as it was only a mild localised case - she would prefer Nexgard/Bravecto rather than harsher injections/dips.(She mentioned that from experience,she found Nexgard better than Bravecto). Fingers crossed.
  6. Mange??

    Hi all, Just an update as back from vet. We did a scrape and confirmed demodex. (We had to sedate him to get the scrape as he thought three humans trying to hold him down was a great game!) The vet has proscribed Nexgard as she says the demodex is only mild and she has had good success using with other patients - and a bit of topical Neocort if he looks like scratching scrape site. Thank you all for your words of advice and gently pushing me towards getting to the vets! Much more relieved now that I know what we are dealing with and we can start treatment. Cheers - Ben
  7. Mange??

    Thanks once again everyone. Have decided to go to vets today to put my mind at ease. Will update.
  8. Mange??

    Yeah - he doesn't smell or seem itchy- neither is skin red.I'll probably give it another week as it doesn't seem to be getting worse. If it does - straight off to the vets!
  9. Mange??

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated. I think it could be a case of localised puppy mange as have since found a small circle on both front legs. None of the patches are completely bare though - all still have a light covering of hairs. As I understand it - this can be quite common with growing puppies and they CAN grow out of it without intervention? It has been like this for two weeks now with no worsening. I'd prefer to see if he can ride it out naturally - but not sure what is considered acceptable and what is considered in need of treatment? It doesnt seem inflamed or causing him much issue - and can only be seen on close inspection and certain angles(I have also never seen mange before, so have no reference). I think his diet is pretty good - combo Ivory Coat and BARF - supplemented with Omegas and Protexin - and is otherwise healthy and VERY active. No financial issue going to vet - I'm just wary that he might be prescribed something harsh for a transitory issue that could self resolve without intervention Cheers, Ben
  10. Mange??

    Hiya, I have a 9 month old Stafford pup that has some patches of thinning hair on both sided of face. They are only really noticeable from certain angles and in strong light - he seems oblivious to them. Not sure if being too paranoid, but was wondering if they could be a slight case of puppy mange. Pics below are the hair when viewed from below(hair loss clearly visable) and from the side(only slightly noticeable). Just looking for pointers from more experienced dog owners, but planning to visit vet if gets any worse. Cheers
  11. Ants!

    Cheers Persephone, Will give it a go. Pup doesn't seem itchy in general - but just localised itch to any bite areas. Doesn't itch when kept away from back lawn and associated ants
  12. Ants!

    Hi Persephone, I assume this product is not dog-safe though is it? i.e applying to lawn where dog plays
  13. Ants!

    Hiya, Have a 4month old SBT pup that has been itching/chewing at himself quite a lot lately. Through a process of elimination and observation we have found the cause of issue - he's being bitten by ants in the backyard while we are away at work during the day. We have seen him on a number of occasions rolling on lawn having a great time - suddenly yelps when he gets bitten, retreats to safety of kennel and runs around in loops until the bite settles down. Can treat individual bites (which just show up like small mosquito bites) with a light application of Neocort and they are generally gone by morning - however, the process is obviously uncomfortable for him and he has started to thin his hair in one or two places from constant chewing to alleviate the itch. Can anyone suggest either: a) A way to repel ants from biting him or b) A dog-safe method to remove ant nests from lawn We are in Perth if that helps. I'm not a local - but i assume the ants + sandy soils here are a natural combination. Cheers, Ben
  14. Puppy Excercise Schedule

    In regards to the 5min walk rule - does that just apply to the actual motion of walking itself, as opposed to a timing on the whole walk? i.e when we walk, I let him stop and stiff at certain places, so being out for 15mins would maybe only only consist of 50% walking and the rest just sniffing. Therefore we haven't really reached a 15min walk limit? Cheers, Ben
  15. Puppy Excercise Schedule

    Hi TSD, Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Can I ask why you do not do ball throwing? Is this because of the sudden stopping and changing of direction? I am only rolling a large ball along the ground at a slow pace - but he tears along to pick it up regardless. He does the same thing with his toys when he is free-playing. I forgot to mention that we do quite a lot of training + impulse control exercises throughout the day - and when on walk. Just wanted to make sure that the physical requirements of pup are also being met as most information is pretty vague/conflicting. Cheers, Ben