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  1. Borders vs Aussies?

    Hi all. I live on acreage in south of WA. Have owned many breeds including working dogs. My last border was a bench, so I'm familiar with the huge problem with the grass seeds. I've never owned an Aussie yet I'd really love to hear your opinions on the differences between the true double coated borders and Aussies. Also is it true they have a higher energy level and better with the babies and toddlers? I'd really love all aspects of your opinions as here is my only truly reliable source. Thanks guys.
  2. Thoughts on Aggression

    I agree with your thoughts on putting him down. I would never tolerate that kind of behaviour either and she wants to put him down, however she has 3 boys between 20 and 25 and they would never agree to that. I don't know much about the situation as she has only just told me but she is so fearful of him and he's aware of that. I predict this is going to end badly and someone is going to be seriously injured. I know he is 5 years old and needs constant training,however that will never happen. A sad situation indeed. I have owned dogs for 40 years and trained for 20 years. It makes me cross when people bring home a puppy they think is cute when they know nothing about the breed. It's hard to help people that don't want to put in the work and don't want to be helped.
  3. Thoughts on Aggression

    A friend of mine was telling me about her Akita cross border collie who has been snarling and bitten family members. She is fearful of him as he is bearing his teeth. I explained about pack mentality and she needs to become the leader of the pack.. would love to know your thoughts on this type of aggressive behaviour. I am going to help her as I believe he is showing warning signs and is a dangerous dog. I believe this is an urgent problem that needs addressing.
  4. Pup ears haven't gone fully up

    Please dont tape them..I believe it to be cruel. Just accept and love him as he is. Im guessing hes probably not a pure bred. Are you fully aware of what is involved with taping? Look at some you tube vids.
  5. All Things Whippet!

    Hi all whippet lovers.I am a jrt owner but have had many diff breeds as well.I have never owned a whippet but I have trained some and my sister-in-law had one so I have a fair idea of their nature.i have always loved whippets however I live on a property with sheep horses chooks- the list goes on. So guys how do you think a whippet would go on a property with their hunter like instincts. That is one of the reasons I have never owned one as we've always lived on property. I don't know them well enough so I'm asking you experts how she would go on my property. What do you think peeps?
  6. How to grieve

    Hi. I lost my Jack Russell last week. She was 17 and and to sum up she was just amazing. The best friend I have ever had. Can anyone give me any tips on how to get through the worst time of my life. I live with my mother on a huge property. She lost her Jack Russell about 5 years ago but she is ready for a new Jack and she is coming in a few weeks. Do you think this will help me through the grieving process?