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  1. Hello, A friend advised me to sign up and ask for opinions here. I've seen similar threads on this forum but I don't want to necro such old threads. I'm making it my life goal to bring the Eurasier breed to Australia. Although it still won't be for several years as I'd like to own a large property first as well as finish my veterinary course. I've done lots of research into the process but I would love to hear other peoples thoughts. My current plan is to contact the UK Eurasier Club and find two breeders who would help me out. I will be travelling to London in 2021 for a family event. Since puppies need to be at least 10 months old before they can be imported, I was thinking of purchasing two pups from different bloodlines in 2020, making an agreement with the breeder to hold them until I travel there, and bring them back with me. That way I can meet the puppy and parent dogs and be sure they are from good bloodlines and raised in a good environment. I'm aware it will cost a lot. From what I can tell, the puppy, vet records, import permit and quarantine alone will be around $9000 per dog. Becoming a registered breeder shouldn't be too hard since the Eurasier is already a recognized breed. Am I overlooking something that could cause a problem? My biggest concern is that nobody in Australia has any knowledge of the breed, so the only people who would inquire about future litters are people who are only interest in "rare, exotic" dogs, not the breed itself.