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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my question..i took old riley to the vets and they dropped his dose down to one tablet twice a day and he has responded well..nearly back to his wierd self..thanks once again..enjoy your day.
  2. hello again ,you are right about being hungry my old mate rileys been licking his dog bowl clean hourly ,i dont leave food out for him during the day like biscuits etc. I just give him half a large can of food with 2 handfulls of kibble for breaky and same at dinner, the same time he gets medication and during the day (ive taken a month off to hang out with him and make sure hes ok) i give him 1 or 2 briskett bones.. at least now he hasnt got the energy to bury them around the place and scoffs them down...Im sure he already misses going for his 6 klm run next to my pushbike two or three times a week to keep him in shape..im going to have to throw myself over the handle bars once every so often just to remind myself what it was like as he wont be running anywhere anytime soon....enough rambling on from me anyway..enjoy the rest of the day.
  3. thanks for the feedback,riley seems a bit more with it today,i will go back and see the vet before I think about changing his dosage,I don't know whats in those tablets that make him stink so much when he farts I am sure he just wants me to move out of the shed so he can have it to himself,his plan might work ,haha thaks again.
  4. hello,my lovely dog riley started having seizures last week ..after a trip to the vets phenomav was pescribed..he has changed so much personality wise and seems like a dog ive never met let alone owned and loved for 6 years .hes very unsteady. when he walks his back legs are wobbly and he drags them a bit..he weighs 40 kilos and is a mastiff what a difference a week makes from running flat out everywhere to just making it up 2 low steps to get onto the back verandah,,he takes 1 and a half tabs twice a day I wonder if I drop the dose to 1 tab twice a day he might be more with it so to speak..he seems really out of it with the 3 tabs a day,,,i wont call the vet I took him to as to be honest they seemed more interested in if I was able to pay the bill in full on the day than they were in my dogs health,,of course I could pay the bill but that made me a bit angry the old don't judge a book by its cover,anyway any advice you lovely pet owners can give me would be great,enjoy your day,,thanks
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