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  1. Dose anyone feed their dogs Stayloyal dry food?, it seams pretty good.
  2. Buying a puppy

    Thank you for all your replies and advice, maybe I’m being a bit impatient and have not really thought about it from the breeders points off view, off course they would only want their puppies to go to the best possible family, and I will look forward to eventually getting our new little fur baby.
  3. Buying a puppy

    I have only recently joined this group, after previously having had a bad experiences off buying a puppy and finding out the he had a untreatable bleeding disorder and we lost him at 13 mths. We have now decided we are ready to find a new forever fur baby and decided to do it through here, even though we expect to pay a lot more it will be worth every penny not to go through the heartache off loosing another puppy so young. i must say so far I have found the experience rather frustrating. I have sent email applications to three different breeders 2 with litters due within the next 3 months and one with a 6mthold pup due now and have yet to here back from anyone, I find this really frustrating, especially the 6 mth old as it is still being advertised. If this gorgeous pup is no longer available or if for whatever reason they have decided we are not suitable a simple email saying they already have a lot off applications or it is no longer available would be nice so I could stop thinking about this gorgeous pup.
  4. I have my heart set on getting a CKCS, but I think I've been reading to much about their health issues because I'm now second guessing my decision. Is there anyone out their with good experiences with these dogs. I intend finding a breeder and not buying one from a shop or some hinky puppy farm.
  5. I intend to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so I have been doing a bit of research weather to get health insurance ect, one thing I'm a bit confused about is feeding, I have always had cats and they have always had good quality dry food from Pet barn had intended to do the same for my dog when I get her, with the odd bone now I'm not so sure. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk