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  1. Great reply, thank you Dame Danny's Darling lol. We are enrolling Pebbles in Puppy Obedience, starting next Saturday, this will be 11 days after her third shot. We have learnt such a lot from you learned, kind people - thank you for being patient with a Puppy rookie.
  2. ummm er will try and get my mind 'round raw chicken bones. Thank you. Sorry to keep asking, but wondered how you all get puppys to urinate on wet grass and rain tumbling down please? I have a packet of 30 big pads and a spray can of wee wee but Puppy thinks I am crazy and will NOT use the one out of the 30 I keep trying her on. What a joy to have a little darling sleeping on her pillow next to mine from midnight to 8 am. I am in Heaven lol.
  3. Actually our Vet. said raw chicken wings for the two cats and Pebbles, but Peter and I are so scared to do this, in case a piece of bone gets caught. I was thinking a piece of steak maybe? Lamb ribs sounds great. We realise we are not 'up on it' with a puppy, but quick learners I hope. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Dame Danny's Darling also:- very interested about your dogs. Yes Pebbles is a dog albeit a teeny one right now, (hope she does get a bit more solid) Will buy some raw meaty bones also tomorrow and beef jerky. Pebbles carries her Pig's ear with her everywhere - half as big as she is. Will also buy meat jerky tomorrow.
  5. Persephone:- I know I would spoil her and am giving her treats, so will feed her twice a day and take the uneaten food away. (If I can). I will check all those sites out - thank you.
  6. Scrappi & Monty:- Thank you for the good info. Pebbles strangely when I felt her, as you said, has got a covering over her bones and going to try and find Barff mince meat tomorrow. I bought people lean mince from Coles but she did not like I then bought the regular mince, thinking as a baby she needs a bit of fat, but nah that is a no go also. I will go to the site re reviews you suggested. I am not as worried now.
  7. Rural Pug:- thank you for that, as I was really worrying so will just keep offering small amounts of a lot of things. This morn. Peter suggested small pieces of cheddar cheese and ureka, she ate a bit. Like you, when she eats something, I think wow at last found something she likes, but again like you, I have a growing amount of discards lol. I feel much better after your post thank you.
  8. Rural Pug we WILL get the hang of it any minute. We took Pebbles to the Vet for her 3rd shot this week and the Vet did not want to let her go, so she must be cute, but a funny looking little scrap whom I absolutely dote over, and she has made my life so very happy. I am now having a 'nanna nap' afternoons as I am run off my feet watching she is safe, mopping up pee, and playing with her along trying to salvage anything which can be ripped by her tiny teeth, lol. I jump in the shower morning and drop a fresh bra and knickers on the carpet in front of a fan heater to warm up (freezing here mornings) and Pebbles runs off at the speed of lightening, with one or the other and drops it/them in her water, but sometimes I am lucky and they just end up in her little igloo. Just beyond cute and my God given happiness. This little scrap at 16 weeks of age is just 1.1 kilos and not interested in food whatsoever, and runs at the speed of light, between naps all day. I feed her puppy dry food (rather try to) milk sticks, puppy milk, and every type of puppy food I see ie tins , little roll, minced steak, chicken, but she has no interest I would be beyond grateful if anyone can tell me how I can increase her weight, as it appears to me what little she does eat she uses up in energy. Of course sleeps on her own pillow next to me, but as the night gets colder under the covers but I worry as she is SO tiny.
  9. Good idea thank you Scrappi&Monty. ................. So funny Dame Danny's Darling. That's us lol. .......... Roova: telling my cute husband now. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for the lovely retreat Melzawelza.
  11. I send to W.A. for my Boronia Perfume I love it SO much and cannot now buy it in Vic.
  12. Er um BUT we are not experienced with putting pics. on the net at all Peter is going to have a try with 'the tablet' Thank you Scrapy&Monty fantastic site. such a help. This little pup is so tiny (and funny to look at - the little darling) we are terrified, and walk around shuffling along instead of stepping, in case we hurt her. Oh how she loves me, and me her.
  13. Thank you:- I do the splits and put both legs behind my head lol. Show off a bit in demos. now and again Stretching is beyond useful as we get older (I am glad I am still a youngster) Pebbles is named by me... (Lady I got her from Rita, called her Regina, but she is like a little 'Muppet on legs) raggedy lol. Such a special little lady and gorgeous (but I am biased). I am sorry if I am chatting in the wrong place. Would appreciate someone to tell me where I can go, and just chat to folks here. Thank ya kindly.