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  1. Good idea thank you Scrappi&Monty. ................. So funny Dame Danny's Darling. That's us lol. .......... Roova: telling my cute husband now. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the lovely retreat Melzawelza.
  3. I send to W.A. for my Boronia Perfume I love it SO much and cannot now buy it in Vic.
  4. Er um BUT we are not experienced with putting pics. on the net at all Peter is going to have a try with 'the tablet' Thank you Scrapy&Monty fantastic site. such a help. This little pup is so tiny (and funny to look at - the little darling) we are terrified, and walk around shuffling along instead of stepping, in case we hurt her. Oh how she loves me, and me her.
  5. Thank you:- I do the splits and put both legs behind my head lol. Show off a bit in demos. now and again Stretching is beyond useful as we get older (I am glad I am still a youngster) Pebbles is named by me... (Lady I got her from Rita, called her Regina, but she is like a little 'Muppet on legs) raggedy lol. Such a special little lady and gorgeous (but I am biased). I am sorry if I am chatting in the wrong place. Would appreciate someone to tell me where I can go, and just chat to folks here. Thank ya kindly.
  6. Roova:- I am open to any good advice and your's is essential. I will start straight away Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your understanding folks. I guess we all have to walk in another's shoes to fully understand where others are, at any given stage of living. I will just add, that the same place the puppies in your pic. are, we actually put in to adopt a Beagle (the Latrobe Pound) and we won, but even they said when I explained our situation "A Beagle is NOT the best match for you". I was sad, but reading up on Beagles agreed. I understand how Juice feels about Puppy farms of course. Have a special day folks - may something great happen for you all today and enjoy our given 1440 minutes 'cause we will never get them back.
  8. Thank you so very much folks. My heart was a little heavy recently and now I feel so happy, as this puppy is absolute perfection. The puppy was bred as I did say by a family........ who wanted their female to have a litter before spaying, which I had not mentioned and @ 8 weeks Rita the lady who has been called back home to Rome bought her, but sadly has had to give her up, after spending a lot of money on a beautiful bed and Puppy security play pen, and plane carry crate, and a shoulder bag to take her around with her, and heaps of lovely toys and bags of Vet food. I was just 'behind the 8 ball when I suggested $1,200 for a cross bred dog around 2-4 years old but a Pure bred of course I would have paid more. p.s. would have paid more than $1.500 plus giving the lady an extra $150 I am much more 'with it now thank you' lol. This puppy never leaves my side and loves me as I love her and sleeps on either Peter or my pillow, and a true dream come true and helped me at a time when I needed help.. I have so enjoyed reading about all your lovely dogs.
  9. Just a P.S. If anyone had come up with any small female Pedigreed dog, ( here, (because I liked the sound of you) I would have said YES, Yes yes immediately, and the cost would have been perhaps around $2,000, I would not have blinked an eye and would have been SO happy. I agree enough of my thread now, but just needed a 'right of reply' Phyl.
  10. The lady we bought 'Pebbles' from gave us $500 of terrific goodies and a brand new crate with her name and details on, ready to go on the plane. Sadly her Vet. said not a good thing to do to take her, as she is too young to take the trip to Rome and may never make it :(). Pebbles, her new owner told us before we decided on her, was bred in a home with an adult family (so is quite happy with Peter and I. We are not completely crazy..... a Puppy farm pup. no.........................:( Not Morons as you suggested Juice I am 80 years of age, recovering from Cancer - remission 4 & 1/2 years plus pacer because of heart, and more, but still 'carer for my wonderful husband who has had a stroke and recurrence of child polio of the throat which makes swallowing difficult. I am a registered Yoga teacher and still 'stand on my head each day lol. and try never to 'do my lolly' I am sure a couple may come back with "YOU ARE TOO OLD" but our daughter bringing up a son on her own, is so happy for us, and we are going to put Pebbles in our will, to go to our daughter. Pebbles is my 'therapy puppy' as I was desperate. Yes I came on here not understanding what you were and your strong theories, and was happy to have Dog finished breeding up to 5 years of age. This little puppy was sent to me by God I believe. Juice o.k. I am boring you, but I am not after any sympathy, maybe a tiny smidge of empathy. I just felt the need to have you kind folk understand we are the same as you re Puppy mills. I was hoping against someone would say "we have a puppy" we would have paid what was asked. All the best and although I was not going to "pour my heart out' but was upset being called a moron, and definitely bought from a puppy farm << ....not true. Thanks again folks Phyl. and Peter.
  11. I did not realise PossumCorner I for sure don't think it is too big an ask to simply not insult breeders here by bastardising the names of pure-breds. ............. and just found a site I thought may help me, and people have, been nice and tried to help, so if anyone had come up with any breed I would have been so happy. I will butt out now, and hope I did not upset people but it was just naivety on my part.
  12. Thank you to the kind people wishing Peter and I and our gorgeous, beautiful natured little girl, well. I am deliriously happy and love her so much. We have found a treasure.
  13. What can I say other than this little darling is gorgeous and everything I wanted. We paid $1,500 plus $100 for petrol as the lady brought her to us, and I gave her an extra $50 for herself as we were so impressed with everything, came with heaps of goodies. The owner has been called o'seas in an emergency, and I saw all the papers for puppy, but the Vet. said at 12 weeks she may never make it on the plane to the destination. I feel SO blessed to have her.