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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows why my dog is scratching our couches? He has done this for quite a while and I am not sure what to do to stop him? Any suggestions would be great!
  2. Thanks for the replies, if you have any suggestions for behaviourists in sydney that would be good. Also you said you got help from a behaviourist for your dog I know different methods will work for different situations but what was the process/approach for training your dog that was recommended by your behaviourist?
  3. Hey everyone, so my two and a half year old poodle cross cavalier isnt good at socialising with other dogs. After puppy school his interaction with other dogs was limited because we dont take him to the dog park due to other larger dogs being to rough with him. Recently I have started walking him with a neighbour of ours who has a little poodle. Unfortunately my dog doesnt get along great and he snaps/growls when the other dog gets close. This isnt really an issue while walking but when we stop just to chat and let the dogs interact thats when he starts growling. Also recently an extended family member got a puppy and we wanted them to build a strong bond since we might look after their dog occasionally while they are away but when they first met he growled while they were like 10m away from each other so we didnt get the opportunity for them to actually introduce themselves to each other. ANY TIPS PLEASE? I really want him to get used to being around other dogs!
  4. It is currently very hot due to summer and today in particular my dog had been panting like crazy, breathing very loud and his heart is racing any tips on how to cool him down quick?
  5. Hi everyone thanks for the advice. We took him to the vet and she said he had a mild paw infection and said to clean his foot in water with salt and then gave us a cream to put on. Unfortunately it has been 5 days since we went to the vet and still hasn’t recovered as he keeps licking his paws and pulling his paws away when we try to touch them. Maybe I will try some apple cider vinger and distilled water
  6. Hi everyone, My 1.5 year old cavalier x poodle got a bit dirty/muddy after he was outside in the garden, once i brought him in i gave him a bath. That night he was constantly licking his two front paws. Today he continued and when i went to touch his paws to have a look he refused to let me even touch them i tried again later but he still yanked his paws away and jumped out of my arms. Does anyone know what might be wrong?
  7. We have a 1 and a half year old cavalier x poodle who is generally quite calm and well behaved however he has a few behavioural problems. Any suggestions would be helpful: 1) After being outside when he decides he wants to come back in he scratches continuously on the back door. Are there any other ways we can train him to give us a different signal that he wants to come back in?? As this scratching on the door is causing damage. 2) He occasionally does naughty things. For example the other day we had furniture delivered in flat packages and they were left outside as they were not being installed for 2 days. And we went outside to find he had chewed through the cardboard packaging and actually chewed the corner of a wardrobe piece off. I am aware that he probably didnt know he was doing anything wrong. But how can we train him to learn not to touch other things. 3) Any advice on preventing him from nagging for food while we are eating. He is usually very good however every now and then he does something naughty. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! We have already had 2 trainers come in and havent seem to made much progress
  8. Hi, my cavilier x poodle called Fudge is quite a shy dog and around other humans and animals he never barks or gets aggressive in any way. However our next door neighbor has a dog and if Fudge hears him do anything on the other side of the fence whether it be the neighbors dog barking he will sprint and jump at the fence and start growling. My main concern though is he sometimes hits his body up against the fence really hard and I am worried he will injury himself. As he sprints about 50m full pace and then jumps as high up the fence as possible. Any ideas on how to solve??
  9. No we don't have a cat or another dog so not sure how it could have happened.
  10. Once it got cleared up a bit we were able to get a better look. Its a lot worse than I thought so hopefully he recovers quick!
  11. Hi everyone thank you all for asking how he's going. We took him to the vet this morning and it was a ruptured abscess so the vet drained it and has given him antibiotics and some pain relief and a cone to stop him licking it. We are taking him back on Monday for a check up so hopefully it will close naturally otherwise it will require stitches.
  12. I am quite certain it happened last night because he spent a lot of time wondering around the back yard but I have no idea what would have caused the cut. Thanks for the advice will take him to the vet tomorrow and try and clean it up a bit tonight.
  13. Hi, I went to pick up my dog this morning and he let out a little squeal and I noticed he had some sort of cut. Its a little bit messy with blood so I can't tell if there is a cut or how deep it is but he has been licking it and I am worried it could turn into an infection. Does anyone have any idea what it is, how we can treat it because I will try get him to the vet tomorrow if it seems to be getting no better. Any advice on cleaning wounds? We have no idea how it happened either.
  14. I am considering switching to Black Hawk as I have heard it is really good quality and it seems to be reasonably priced.
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