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  1. Hey PK! Yeah we tried loosening it but as you said, by doing that it doesn't work. I'll have a look at them all! Thanks for that! We haven't had anyone yet.. I've been trying to invest more time into her training but it's difficult with my work schedule.. still looking! decided we're not in that big of a rush
  2. I've youtubed and googled it and i have it on properly... maybe my pup is just too much of a puller for this harness? Yes we use a harness because she tends to pull quite a lot and if we're only using a collar then she tends to choke herself...
  3. Hey guys! so recently we bought a gentle leader easy walk harness for our 4 month amstaff. we've taken her for a couple of walks and it hasn't felt it fit quite right.. she's also had like grazing underneath her front legs.. does anyone use this harness that can give me a few tips? or is there another you would recommend?
  4. So would you recommend hanrob for someone like I who's kinda of just starting out?
  5. As i replied to someone else, im not expecting the dog to come back a robot who knows everything. Getting our dog, i knew that we would have to put in some hard effort but as it is our first we are not sure how to go about training her. To have someone come into our home and only tell us what to do and how to train left us a bit confused with out showing or demonstrating. I get that there's going to be a lot of maintenance on our behalf but we do need some help with the ground work. Hence why i asked about hanrob.
  6. Hey guys! so we have a little puppy who we are trying to toilet train. we live in a small apartment with a large backyard but unless we're home we dont like leaving her out there as the backyard is shared and somewhat easily accessible, so for now shes kept in a play pen when no one is home and our back door is open when we are so shes able to wander in and out. was just wondering if anyone can suggest a indoor toileting idea? Preferable something washable so we dont have to fork out too much money each week(if there is such thing) also didnt want something too large as i said we are only in a small apartment. All suggestions are appreciated!
  7. We're happy to put in the work but we also need some ground work done as this is our first dog. So for someone only telling us what to do leaves us a little confused. I have heard that hanrob train your dogs and when they're ready to be picked up they will show you with your dog what they've been taught and how to carry out commands. I get that training is an ongoing thing and by all means we knew what we were getting ourselves into and knew we had to put in work. We just need a little help from a professional I guess. Which is why I'm asking about hanrob
  8. Are you able to tell me why you wouldn't recommend them and what impacts you've seen/how recent this was?
  9. We have a 5 month old American staffy who has gone through puppy school but in our current living situation we need her to be quite obedient. We have had an in home trainer come to our house but she more so told us how to instead of actually training our pup. Was wondering if anyone had recently used hanrob for training or even boarding? We obviously want our pup to be well looked after and 18 days is a long time so curious as to see people's reviews.
  10. Can anyone recommend any really good dog trainers in Sydney? I'm based in eastern suburbs and don't want to travel too far but am willing to drive if it's worth it! or even in home trainers. I have a 9 week old American staffy who is currently in puppy school but we want her to be extremely trained. Was going to go with bark busters but after reading so many bad reviews have decided against it. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  11. Someone recommend bark busters training so I've tried to have a look online but am only able to find years old reviews. Have been in touch with Ken Tran (Eastern suburbs sydney franchise) and he is coming to train our 9 week old puppy. Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with them or can recommend another trainer that you may think is better?
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