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  1. Perthies....

    I have only just seen this. Is there a date in mind as yet? I might know of a few non-DOL'ers interested too. Ange
  2. You Maybe Gone, But Never From Our Hearts Jenna

    that was beautiful msj run free jenna :rolleyes: ange
  3. Im Almost Ready To Let Go..

    i am thinking of you and your family MSJ - i am so sorry ange
  4. Having To Say Goodbye

    Oh Mel - i am so sorry. Run free Jye thinking of you . . . . Ange
  5. Doggy Shampoo

    Squirt! Love the smell of Squirt. Ange
  6. Swollen Anus.. Shes Home.. She Pooed!

    she will be fine - she is in good hands. give her a big hug from us when you see her ange
  7. Swollen Anus.. Shes Home.. She Pooed!

    she will be fine - i promise she still has to show lulu what a pretty girl she is in her new pink collar ange
  8. Swollen Anus.. Shes Home.. She Pooed!

    good luck loz and bondi - i hope the vet can sort it out. sounds horrid ange
  9. Sore Leg?

    thank you so much for your support guys - i really appreciate it. i thought i would give you a bit of an update on lulu. well we saw the vet on wednesday night and she is on anti-inflammatories. on wednesday night her leg popped out twice, which i tried to help her put back in, but she kind of kept staring at me with those big brown eyes and i felt so sorry for her. she keeps trying to play with lily (or lily is stirring her up rather) and is lame quite often now, from what i can tell. having said that, she does not seem to be in pain as often as she is lame. is this making any sense? i think that surgery is definately the option for her - it is amazing how this has impacted her way of life in just a week! i have been quoted $900 for the operation - couldn't have been worse timing with christmas around the corner, but that's life i suppose. lulu was booked in to the groomers yesterday (her first time!) and is looking lovely. although i must admit, she didn't seem to have much of a haircut - it looks the same as when i do it. anyway, lily is quite miffed that she didn't go and wouldn't look or talk to lulu last night. apparently when lulu came home lily went all over lulu like a vacuum - sniffing her everywhere and then decided "humph" and ignored her. julie-ann - i am so glad to hear that joey is better and it is not a luxating patella. i was wondering how long before you saw this thread thanks again guys ange
  10. Sore Leg?

    well i thought i would fill you in a bit more - wasn't up to it last night (horrible day). lulu definately has a luxating patella. it is her left hind leg. the vet checked the other leg and there was no problems with it thankfully. she is on anti-inflammatories for the next 5 days to help with the pain and we need to do the usual as in keep her quiet and let her rest. bit difficult with lily wanting to play with her all the time - although lulu does tell her off when she has had enough. we are to keep an eye on her and if she seems to be in a large amount of pain and it happens on a regular basis - surgery is the option. i am really sad for lulu - you can see she is grumpy and not happy at all, but at the same time i am a little annoyed. we purchased lulu after much research and both parents had hip scores, etc, that was all clear. now we have firstly found out she has an allergy and now a luxating patella. what more could i have done initially? she is with us for the long haul - i will never give her up and she will get the best care possible, but as i am sure you can appreciate it is frustrating. *sigh* ange
  11. Sore Leg?

    its a luxating patella ;) ange
  12. Sore Leg?

    ;) don't tell oh that there are so many 'homes' for lulu she is off to the vet in a couple of hours. bit of a pain really as their clinic burnt down a couple of months ago and now they are operating somewhere else - no idea where it is. oh well, looks like lulu and mummy are going for a bit of a sunday drive ange
  13. Sore Leg?

    she is booked in tonight to see the vet. she was fine overnight and seemed ok this morning. OHis making (what he calls) jokes about sending her back for a refund my poor baby. will see what the vet says tonight. ange
  14. Sore Leg?

    i just found a link on here to visual symptoms of luxating patella and it sounds like what happened A dog from one of the smaller breeds runs across the yard chasing a tossed ball. In mid-stride, he yelps in pain and pulls his left hind leg off of the ground. After a second, he continues limping on in a three-legged fashion. After ten minutes, the rear leg drops back down to the ground and he uses it normally. This episode occurs maybe once a week. It never really seems to bother him that much – a yelp of pain, a short period of lameness, and in a few minutes he is back to his old self. damn ange
  15. Sore Leg?

    i'm concerned for my cav, lulu. tonight she went to run after our other dog and all of a sudden was yelping and was not putting any weight on one of her hind legs. she kept yelling for about 30 seconds and eventually calmed down but was still tentative about stepping on her leg. i checked her to see if there was anything embedded in her foot, but could see nothing. she had dinner and seemed fine, but then went to run again and the same thing happened. not as intense as before, but you could see what ever it was hurt her all the same. i have felt all over her leg and she doesn't wince with pain from pressure - i have gone from the top of her hip all the way down. could it be a sublaxating patella? i have been home all day sick with the girls and this is the first it happened today. they have been running around all day with no problems. i was going to wait out the night and see how she is tomorrow. if she still limps then straight to the vet. do you agree? ange