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  1. Today is VERY hot in Adelaide, so as usual he has his ice bath to keep cool
  2. This year for anyone who remembers me, I lost my beloved Bullmastiffs Frank and Dora within 6 weeks of each other. Life wasn't the same without them so my partner and I bought a wooly Malamute, Titan. We are also adding another Bullmastiff to our family in January. Life isn't the same without a bully in my life! For now, here are some pictures of Ti (Titan) in all his fuzzy glory.
  3. Please, Please keep them away from apricots. Both my beloved Bullmastiffs ate a heap off my tree and unfortunately my male died, 6 weeks later my female died. I absolutely hate myself for not realizing they were toxic and I would give anything to go back in time and cut down the tree. ( it was a rental house though) I wish I netted it or set up a fence. Please be careful. <3
  4. Not heartless at all, it's truth. All the urns I looked at said "20kg dog" etc etc.. I'll just wait till I get him back to see how much.... there is. Otherwise I like your idea of a nice box with a bullmastiff statue. At least that way I can make it custom to him
  5. This was Franks last day with us. He got pampered. I wish I knew he wouldn't be with me the next day I would have let him sleep on the bed with me. I'd love to find something like this!
  6. Hey all. Some might remember me, I can't seem to log into my old account but I own 2 Bullmastiffs Frank and Dora. for the last 2 months my 6 year old brindle boy Frank has been having heart issues. Unfortunately I came home from work yesterday and my boy had passed in his sleep. He is currently with Angel Ashes awaiting private cremation. My question is does anyone know where I can get a large breed dog urn? Everything seems to be <40kg and Frank was 65-70kg. I miss my boy. Dora misses her buddy. Life just doesnt feel the same without my tank. I'm after a heart on a stand, or a bullmastiff shaped memorial box. Does anyone know where I can get anything for a Bullmastiff sized ashes? Thank you.
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