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  1. Tick Medications

    I have used Nexgard spectra for my current dog- Northern Rivers as we are in tick country up here. We see tick paralysis all year round here,more this winter then summer as it happens(less people using preventatives in winter!) I work in a vets the only medications I trust to work are the nexgard's and Bravecto. Advantix is an option but washes off to easily here by the coast and needs to be applied every 2 weeks so I dont find it very practical, Also cannot be used on the dog if you have cats as its very toxic to them. I've heard of tick paralysis in dogs wearing all the tick collar brands including seresto. I've also seen 19 live ticks pulled off a dog, with active tick paralysis and who had been tick bathed the day before so not a believer in the tick baths anymore. Horrible creatures ticks! I use Seresto collar off label for my cat,check her daily and am considering trying bravecto(still off label in australia) if she has issues.... but its got a much higher report of issues in cats versus dogs so holding out for now.
  2. Personally I wouldn't consider it the breeders fault in any way that you were unlucky enough to have a puppy go down with a mast cell tumour to be honest. Its incredibly unusual one to hear of in a very young animal and isn't something that could have been tested for prior to sale as you've said yourself the lump appeared after you bought her. Mast cell tumours are a type of cancer can appear out of the blue with no warning. That is however incredibly unlucky and devastating to hear about in such a young animal. Was the diagnosis double confirmed by a pathologist?...its very very rare to see these cancers in the very young pups. Or is she an older puppy? Sorry to hear about your pup though..must be heartbreaking to deal with.
  3. Toller Time!

    Good morning everyone. Im new on here so this is my first post I just wanted to pick your brains on tollers as I'm tempted by the breed for my next dog! Main things...I live in southern queensland so i'd be doing walkings morning and evenings(lucky enough to live beside a dog park and the beach!) and I have permission to bring a pup to work,crated but with lots of attention, until they settled into routine or are old enough to cope with me going home at lunch time to let them out for a toilet break and some fun in the garden. If they are struggling/separation anxiety issues occur, we do have a good doggy daycare beside work as well as an option but I'd rather use this once a week for socialisation then have it as an everyday routine. Do ye think a toller would be able to cope with this? Or should I be going for a lower energy breed? I grew up with labs and collies.My last dog was a wonderful,but absolutely batty, terrier mix! So I'm used to high energy clever working dogs but I'm not sure if my current lifestyle would suit. Our family dogs always had a job to do as well as being much loved pets and my terrier used to come to work with me...but it was a more easygoing job so she had a lot more freedom and was working outdoors so she got a lot of exercise and off lead time....I just wanted to see if anyone with experience of the breed thinks it sounds like a realistic plan? Currently I have a confident cat who is used to dogs and my landlords,who I have a shared garden with, have a awesome 1 year old labxstaff mix. They would love to see him having some campany so are happy for me to have a dog. The main thing I'm looking for is a healthy, trainable dog(well female dog!as id prefer a girl) who wants to please and enjoy being with her people and enjoy an active life but thats able to settle after walks/training and chill. I know it'll depend on my training but I dont want to take on a breed that wouldn't cope with my lifestyle all the same.It wouldn't be fair. The other breeds I'm considering are toller golden retriever,border collie,or a mixxer.I did briefly consider the finnish lapphunds and spitz breeds but I dont think they really fit my want to learn and please you rule however beautiful they might be. I dont mind having to groom etc. I dont like extreme freatures and priority would be a healthy dog, fit for function. Ideally from a breeder who healthy tests. I work in the vet industry so trying to find a healthy breed is the priority really. Id love to do the likes of agility or flyball at some stage but I know thats not something for the first year or so. I love the idea of showing as well but im a complete novice in that! Any thoughts? Could a toller be the one for me? Any other breed suggestions to consider if tollers wouldnt suit? Thanks all!