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  1. Thanks for the links... I’ll have a look at them. Yes, I have been needing to do mouth handling and extract stones or sticks that she tries to chew on.. the nipping and biting is not normally a problem, just a couple of times a day when she’s a bit crazy! Although today went much better.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone right now we have lots of chew toys all around the place ready to shove into her mouth if she tries to mouth us. Teething sticks, soft crackly squishy toys, rope toys, textured bones, you name it. I also use kongs stuffed with her kibble..she’s getting better indoors at controlling her mouth on us. If she gets too much we just step away outside the barriers we have put up, and a few goes of this and she snuggling in our laps after so that’s good. her crazy outdoor behaviour is the one I’m clueless about how to handle. She suddenly
  3. Yes I have noticed she’s completely crazy at zoomies time I worry about her banging into things! right now I’m still not letting her off the lead outside. I just walk with her. She’s quite consistent with her wees in the one place (happens as soon as I take her out).. then she wants to go exploring so I just follow her around the yard. The lead biting may be slowly reducing...I’m just shoving toys instead or distracting her so she forgets about it. She’s only doing it during crazy time now. Also she’s more nippy and jumpy when she’s all hyped up. Do you have any advice how I should handle that
  4. Mackiemad, I noticed this exactly today.. I think I’m slowly starting to read her a bit better too. Today we did a lot of outdoor play as the weather was decent,, but I had her on a lead but we walked around the garden, let her sniff a lot and run around playing. She’s consistently doing her business outside now. I was was trying to take her to the same spot in the garden on a lead so she learns to wee and poo in the one place..is that something I can achieve with consistency? Sometimes what happens is she wees quickly in that spot then she wants to play so we walk along the garde
  5. Hi, thanks for the messages She's doing well. Her name is Zara. Yes I have stopped playing with her if she gets in a hyper nippy mood. She did that twice today..morning and evening. Perhaps like children's "witching hour!" She was acting absolutely nuts and jumping, being nippy, initially tried shoving a toy instead into her mouth, it distracts her a bit but she comes back. Then we just left her play area, watched her go crazy attacking her pee pad in the pen then she eventually settled and we came back. Thing is when we leave her area if she's in a crazy mood, doesn'
  6. Finally managed to shrink the size..here’s a pic of our new little bubba. She’s done remarkably well for her first day she’s doing all her toileting outside (no rain has helped!) has learned to sit has gained her appetite back playing nicely with her chew toys. and we left her on her own for 20 mins in her pen inside the house with a kong teething stick smeared with some puppy paste. She howls a bit when we (especially I) leave the room..but she’ll find someone to cuddle up to and fall asleep. Anyway she she whined when we all left but was sleepin
  7. Yes in the light of day it’s all become better. She’s such a sweetheart she’s doing wees and a poo outside too. And she ate most of her breaky too (although it was at 5 am ) the sun and better weather should hopefully help.. still trying to figure out how to post a pic! My iPhone pics seem too large.
  8. Thanks I might try that.. she was in a confined pen when she came back in but maybe I missed the signs.. not sure. I’ll try again I guess. She’s sleeping now I took her out nothing again. . I wanted her to wee before I put her in the crate.. might wait up a bit more to see if she shows signs when she wakes up again. Also she didn’t eat well tonight. Just a bit. Must need time settling in.
  9. She has finally arrived and settled in beautifully. Was so happy to sit and get petted by the kids and loves snuggling to us too. Toilet training is another story. It’s been absolutely pouring and windy and freezing here. I’ve taken her out multiple times this afternoon but she stands there shivering rooted to one spot. We stood there for 15 mins, she sniffed the ground many times and nothing so I went back in.. she did a wee on the floor inside this happened three times.. I’ve decided to try pee pads near the door for today and tomorrow unless the weather improves.. what do you think? She’s
  10. Thanks Dogsfevr. I will check with my breeder about bloat. I'll also read up about it to get more info. At the moment I"m thinking of having a small hanging bucket of water inside the crate (this is what the breeder does). and then see how it goes. My friend in Sydney had a mini schnauzer...she was an absolute darling! Puppy is arriving around mid day tomorrow. Can't believe the time has finally come!! I've got all my gear (as suggested in this post) packed in the car ready to go.
  11. Thanks Tassie I think I'll try that as well. As BlackAsBandit, hello ! That's so exciting to hear, and thanks for your suggestion about consistency. That seems to be the key message. I"ll PM you about the puppy preschools I found and where they're located. We're getting a Portuguese water dog. Can't believe it's another day before she's here!
  12. Thanks for the tip Dogsfevr Found out today the puppy will be coming in a crate that I actually get to keep. So that makes things a bit easier! Just pick it up in the crate itself and head straight home. Can I also ask - should I keep a bowl of water in the crate for the puppy at night? Like in one of those hanging food bowls I;ve see you can hang off the crate bars? Or would that make it need to go to the toilet more in the night...just wondering what everyone does with regards to water before bedtime, or at night for an 8 week old puppy. Thanks again!
  13. I was in contact with the breeder today. She suggested I organise the times to suit us on the weekend, and gave me names of a contact of the animal travel company that they've been using to transport the dogs for ages. So I will ring them tomorrow to work out the details on that and that should give me a chance to sort out issues such as crate hire, sizing etc. For what it's worth I bought a cheap $20 foldable soft crate from Kmart to just have on hand in case I need to deploy it. Should fit a puppy easily in the beginning at least, given once it settles down I'll eventually be ca
  14. Thanks for the detailed info on the crate Allerzeit! Helpful to know what to discuss with the breeder regarding crates. Time is drawing closer, I will need to work out flight details etc with the breeder this week before the weekend I'm sure. Thanks again
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