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  1. Hi guys I have a 1 year old femal shep, i will be breeding her when she turns 2yr old but before that I want to make sure her hips are good so it’s safe to breed. What is the best age to get her hips scored ? I heard I can do it now but I’m wondering if there’s a specific age people do it at and also can I just get her hip x-rayed or is it a better idea to get it hip scored.
  2. if anyone could reccomend any good vets in melbourne area that would be much appreciated
  3. i dont think they have been hip scored but i do know that they dont have any hip problems and same as the past litters that theyve had the pups have never had hip problems and my pup didnt have a problem aswell until the vet check so its a bit iffy i guess ill see what the x-ray comes up with
  4. i have been told that if it does need surgery and is not done by the age of 20weeks then they wont be able to do the same procedure anymore and will have to do another procedure which will cost much more and isnt really affordable so if it does need the surgery and i dont go forward with it and if it needs it later on in life it will be much harder to do it but at the same time i have heard that the first procedure doesent always completely fix the problem so im just a bit confused hopfully i will figure something out
  5. hi there ive got an 11 week old gsd puppy we took her to the vet yesterday and the vet thought it was a good idea to check her back legs for any hip problems so anyways she started streching my pups back legs further and further eventually this cause my puppy to go into pain and scream after that happened she said considering my pup was in pain it could be the early signs of hip displasia and reccomended getting an x-ray done which i will be doing in a few weeks but the problem is ever since yesterday after the vet visit she has been limping and seems to be in pain, she never had this problem so i am a bit worried just want to get an opinion and wondering if anyone has ever had the same thing. we have been told that if she does have displasia there is a procedure that is done before 20weeks to fix the problem but ive heard that it is not good to get the procedure done by some people because the puppy is still growing anyhow i just wanted someone to shed some light on this situation or hear from someone that has had there puppy go through this proocedure