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  1. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Dawwwww the Springmatians. Yes us Springies are very slack
  2. Springers And Field Spaniels

    GOLD....absolute GOLD. :)
  3. Springers And Field Spaniels

    What a great idea Heidi :D Wonder who would come up with such a devious plan like that? ;) That is a gorgeous pic, but the others on facebook are so so so so much better :thumbsup:
  4. Springers And Field Spaniels

    or Hory goes POOOOOOOOOOOOOOF :D
  5. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Bugger forgot to enable the block vision for any users by the name of Hory
  6. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Yep had you of not gone POOOOOF you would have seen some of Teegan also Yeah see. Ner Ner
  7. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Here are my English Pointers Carol and Trevor
  8. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Awww Happy Birthday to Moo. She is a darlinkkkkk! Well, you could always post shots of your own puppies you know? I often come in here to see photos of Cassie and the Turd, but, alas, they are no where to be seen In the meantime I will just have to satisfy myself with looking at Em, Moo (happy two-th birthday!) and the new puppies, who just might be the cutest Springers I have ever seen. Maybe even more cuter-a than Cassie and Mr Turd, but I wouldn't really know 'cos there ain't no photos to look at and compare . I even have to go back some pages to find cute photos of Teegan Well you see, if you still happened to be on Stalkbook then you would have seen some pictures of the Casstenator and Turdilicous. But nooooo you have gone POOOOOOOF into thin air so you miss out
  9. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Yes Huski I was right onto you girly. All I can say is you were very lucky that when I got here now they were posted! hehe Oh and Shell the pics are AWESOME!
  10. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Right now she's snuggled up with me on the couch She has grown up but I love this age. Her confidence and enthusiasm in training has gone the roof but more importantly I am learning what makes her tick! It's so exciting Are we thinking about the same puppy photos??? They certainly are snugglebugs. I love the pics of her on top of the couch They are such mountain goats! And yes I do believe we are talking about the same pics
  11. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Ohhh and I thought I'd come in here and see someone else's puppy shot's from the weekend, but alas they are no where to be seen
  12. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Um SD, where did your puppy go?
  13. Springers And Field Spaniels

    My ovaries just popped! hehe....puppy clucky I is she is gorgeous. But nope Hory wouldn't love her cos he only has eyes for one Springy girl (and no that's not me)
  14. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Yah new Springyding pics. I think you have already posted more than any of us have in the last 12 months That Horus is just mean I am way better-a than not TOO bad