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  1. Hello, We are requiring some assistance with our dog barking, which tends to happen in the following instances whether we are home or not: * postman/visitor at the door * birds/lizards on the lawn * when he is excited He is two now - we got him as a puppy from a rescue group and he is a Shih Tzu mix... we think that he may be cross fox terrier. He is very food driven and quite clever, but also has a high prey drive. We don't have a fenced off yard so he is inside when we are not home, and we also have the curtains closed and radio on so he doesn't get triggered by the birds. Generally, he won't bark at all when we are not home, apart from the odd occasion when there is a knock at the door (usually the postman), and this will usually subside after a few minutes - we know this because we film him when we are not there so we can make sure he is not causing too much disturbance. So his barking is mainly when we are at home and he has full view of everything happening outside or if we have visitors and he gets excited (and he seems to be easily excitable). His barking disturbs one of our neighbours and we really want to do something about the barking, but I think we need some additional help - particularly if he barks at the postman while we aren't there to address it. It is particularly stressful as we live in a strata and I am worried that our approval to have him will be revoked. Does anyone have any recommendations for trainers in the Gold Coast area? Thank you in advance.