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  1. Not much fat on these that I can see, a bit of meat and then maybe one bit of fat on each, they are pretty good.
  2. I just realised my local butcher offers a box of chicken frames for $5. There are about 40 in there, medium sized. I have a 28kg collie, would one a day be okay on the days that she has them?
  3. She's doing much better. Dose 1 and 2 of the Xanax didn't do much at all, but now it does actually seem to be working, and it rained for hours this evening and she only barked twice.
  4. Did you ask the vet each time? She's on half a tablet with no more than 4 full tablets allowed in a 24 hour period, so I could give one full tablet without a problem?
  5. I don't think so, it's called Kalma.
  6. It rained quite a bit last night and I've noticed she is okay if she's locked in the bedroom with us. She slept the whole night, maybe got up and whinged once. She's had two tablets so far (7pm and then 12pm as it's still raining) and I think she's calmer. She's still barking when it gets much louder but easily distracted with a toy. She's not getting as worked up. It's a very low dose so would be interesting to see if a slightly higher dose would make a bigger diff.
  7. The vet has give me xanax to try next time it rains..
  8. The roof doesn't make much noise, but I've noticed if the toilet door is open (where somehow the rain is louder) or she's in the garage, she barks more. So I'm sure it's noise related over the 'feel' of the weather changes. I've tried rain sounds on youtube though and get zero reaction from her at all. She'll bark at noises in general, but that's such a collie trait I wasn't overly bothered, but this rain thing is becoming a huge problem through winter. I haven't yet tried to crate her as she's not crate trained (well I don't think so, not sure yet) but going to try that next time there is rain.
  9. Thanks. I've tried rescue remedy an hour or so before and during rain but it makes no impact, I think her level of anxiety is pretty high. The other night a week ago it rained non stop from 11pm to 7am and I was literally awake with her the whole time. She stops barking as much if I am near her, but still has bouts and mostly just whinges/paces/whines. I've tried treating her during the start of it, playing with her during it, but she just loses all interest in anything.
  10. Hey, She is a Collie Rough, almost 4 years old, we've had her since Aug 2017. She's fairly confident about most other things, no issues with people, flooring, other dogs, other animals. Noises like a blender she will bark at but with the rain comes anxiety, pacing and hysterical over the top barking non stop. Don't think we've ever walked in it.
  11. Hey all, My dog Winter barks non stop whenever it is raining, whether heavy or light. Doesn't matter where she is, inside, out, garage, bedroom, anything, she barks hysterically at it. I haven't considered medication before but considering it now, any other ideas?
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