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  1. Vaccinations

    Thank you so much Rappie. Explains it a bit lol cheers
  2. Vaccinations

    Thank you everyone for the info. 5 vets 5 same question 5 different answers lol. He will get his third next week as advised by my vet back home. I guess it all comes down to who you know and trust I'm just grateful I have a vet I can trust because for those that don't it will be a very confusing time. Cheers
  3. Vaccinations

    Thanks T. We are getting his third done but it's so confusing when all the vets I have rung all have different answers. His original vet, the one the breeder first had him vaccinated, said he's done at 10 weeks. The second vet said no needs one at 14 weeks, the vet I rang yesterday said no he's done and my vet back home said 14 weeks then he is done. What my argument is they all have such a different answer to the question. How can this be. I told them all what vaccine he had so that still came up with a different time line. Cheers
  4. Vaccinations

    Hi we have a 13 week old Labrador puppy who has had two needles. One at 6 weeks and one at 10 weeks. I rang the vet the other day to book him in to get his third vaccination and the VET said he didn't need a third as he is fully vaccinated. Now we are currently in transit between states so I rang my vet at home and they said NO he isn't and needs the third. I'm going to get the third done but is he or isn't he fully vaccinated. Every Vet is telling me a different story. According to my vet if he had his first at 8 weeks then 12 weeks he is done but because its 6 and 10 he's not. What is everyone else doing? Both his needles were done with Protech vaccine Cheers
  5. Which tick preventive

    Thanks Jed im leaning towards the flea collars as they seem to be more dog friendly. With the scalibor collar do you need to remove before swimming? The info says they are waterproof but just need to make sure cheers
  6. Which tick preventive

    Thank you Jemappelle. It's comforting to know you never had any problems cheers
  7. Hello we are getting a new pup in October and was wondering which is the best tick preventative. I'm hearing so much scary stuff about Nexgard etc that I'm not sure if I want to use these. But what alternative do I have? We are traveling this great country and our new little man will need to be covered for all ticks all the time. Back home in tassie ticks aren't such a huge issue so we had no need to dose our dogs up on it. Thanks in advance us grey nomads