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  1. Hi all a friend of mine is wanting to become a registered breeder NSW, she has been offered a boy on mains register but when she has read the becoming a breeder sections it says, she's needs to be a financial member for 6 months, needs to acquire a female on mains, when she breeds she needs to use a boy owned by a registered breeder and then apply to be a registered breeder. This seems odd the way its worded, do new breeders in new have to hire a stud the first time or is it okayy for them to buy a stud on mains and girls on mains so own both,,,,she cant ring as office is closed
  2. hi everyone, i am considering relocating to the sandstone point, godwin beach, nine area and looking to obtain a property with at least 3000 m land. could anyone in the shire tell me how many dogs are allowed. i breed small dogs that are inside and outside dogs and would like to have 5 or 6 on the property, thanks in advance
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