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  1. So I've been looking to get a new dog and I'm really interested in the German Shepherd. I've never owned one, however I do have experience with large and medium breeds. Here is a bit about me to get a better idea whether a GSD would suit my home or not - - I'm 19 years old, live on a 2 acre property which is fenced with a gate - Will basically be able to spend all day with it, I stay at home mostly and don't go out much - I'd be able to do around 2 to 3 hours exercise with the dog a day - Will be able to groom dog daily, as well as baths once a week - I live with two other people however no children - Willing to put a lot of time in training the dog the basics, as well as hoping to get into more advanced things like tricks The only thing I'm worried about however is that in the house we have cats, as well as chickens outside. I'm not sure if a GSD would be able to get along with these animals due to it's prey drive and whether the GSD will just keep trying to chase around the animals or not. It's a worry for me due to having a previous dog that would constantly chase/attempt to nip the cats and chickens.
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