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  1. Grooming scruffy terrier

    Hi all, Any tips for grooming a scruffy terrier mixed breed? I’ve never owned a wirey breed before. I feel like he needs something a bit more than a bath and brushing. Would you hand strip? Would a professional groomer be ok with me paying to be taught how to groom Frankie the best way? I have no idea of his breed. If I was to guess I’d say possibly some Aussie terrier in there, but who knows? Thanks
  2. New adult dog - where to start?

    Boronia, the Earth dog stuff looks very interesting and something I've never considered. Unfortunately we are up the other end of the state (NQ). I'd have to see if there was anything closer.
  3. New adult dog - where to start?

    Thanks Sheena, I have used clickers before but a refresher is needed. My goal for the day is to charge it up and see what we can do with a box. It's very exciting. He is a little cutie, thanks Scottsmum.
  4. New adult dog - where to start?

    Thanks Scottsmum. I'll attach a pretty ordinary photo as all my half decent ones are on the computer and I've recently cleared out my phone. I think he is an adorable little man, but I would say that wouldn't I? I'm thinking about signing up to the obedience club in the new year. Not quite local but an hour away and we are used to that drive. They are apparently use positive methods. To be honest, I'm not sure what we might pursue. Agility looks fun, I think obedience can be fun too, nosework maybe - although I don't know what available locally yet. I guess I'm just waiting to see what he enjoys and go from there? I think I'll have to get a bit of a plan of action happening. It seems a bit overwhelming despite me just wanting him to have fun. Like I said, the plus side is that he does seem to want to listen - God knows why?! - so I just have to work on him feeling comfortable to offer behaviours other than wagging that tail that's going to fall off.
  5. Hi all, I've been lucky enough to have a little scruffy terrier come into life as an adult rehome. He is around 2 years old, his name is Frankie. He has an amazing temperament, seems quite confident, food & toy driven. Now I haven't dabbled in dog training for quite some time and for the few months I've had him, I've really just been getting to know him and taking him out in public. I've recognised that he and I may really enjoy training in a dog sport and I'm thinking that in the new year we'll consider taking a class. What can I work on in the meantime to start us off on the right foot and build up a working relationship? The only thing he really knows is his name. He does seem to really want the listen. I was starting to teach sit right at the start but he has a habit of jumping up on his hind legs before any attempt to sit. He is such a joyful little soul and I just want to make it as fun as possible. Any hints and tips appreciated.