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  1. Anyone shop with k9pro?

    Thanks heaps for the code Do you know when your Syn Tek 10m long like ORANGE will be back in stock? Thanks
  2. Looking to get some tug toys to play with my dog. Also a long lead that is not nylon as they break super easy with my dog - had a 25m one which I only used twice before tearing. One small cut to any part and it'll tear a line through it easy. Maybe something like this http://k9pro.com.au/long-line-syn-tek-10m-x-16mm/ - open to recommendations too Also did I read that dolforums get a discount code? Can't seem to access/find it but I remember reading about it.
  3. Agreed on the ridiculous prices. Appreciate the recommendations on reflectors, currently not too interested as that would mean having to buy a flashlight too and my current harness has reflectors albeit thin ones. I might add more reflectors in the future. Currently looking into bike lights, they're cheaper and rechargeable (trying to reduce my overall waste). I assume it's because they don't attract the "pet" tax as there is nothing special about a flashing light but add "pet" to the word and now it's twice its price.
  4. Hey all, I give me dog a run at the park during the night and I'm in a need for a safety dog light. I want rechargeable, they do say you have to charge quite often but I'll take that over having to replace the batteries even though they do last quite long. All over Australia, it looks like the only one available is Ruffwear beacon light at $45. There seem to be no shortage of lighted up collars though, such as ion collar which for some reason is nearly half the price. Appreciate all recommendations for affordable ones along with a question as to why a lighted up collar is cheaper than a flashing pendant, I would assume the opposite.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm late to the oral care party - my dog is 8 years old and doesn't have serious damage yet but his breath is smelly. Do you have any recommendations for good brands of dog toothpaste and toothbrushes? There seems to be too many to choose from.. Thanks!
  6. Totally great, frugal idea! Shadecloth looks exactly like the material they use in the Snooza.. Unfortunately the Snooza D1000 is totally out of my price range.. Although I'm wondering how my wooly dog will cope with a bed that has no airflow! Definitely past the destruction phase. My biggest concern was how it would how up with his weight and all, probably around 25kg, haven't weighed him in a while. Thought maybe the bigger brands would be best in case the generic ones would bend etc.
  7. So dog is about 6, a wooly Husky and just in urban areas of Melbourne. Just making sure, all those beds I've listed come under the "trampoline bed" right? That's what that style refers to? Their coat looks very similar to my wooly Husky however I believe mine has tried fluffy beds before and it becomes WAY too hot for him.. Winter it gets hot already in a bed like that, I can't imagine how summer would be - he is an outdoor dog by the way. That's why I believe airflow was important for him to have.
  8. So Kuranda dog beds are available here but they don't have breathable fabrics available in Australia which is bad because my dog is wooly! In that case, the second option with airflow is Snooza. For sizes, the Kuranda(Large) would be $140, the Snooza(Large/X-Large) would be about ~$100-120. I've seen generic "trampoline" ones like this Bone Designs(Large) for $80 or on Gumtree(X-Large) for $70. So there's a difference in price for generic vs brand name. I think the main difference would be the warranty, for Snooza they have lifetime guarantee on flaws/defects I think and all their parts can be bought separately if it breaks. Otherwise, they all pretty much have the same design - and quality I assume should be pretty good for an otherwise plain design for that price. Any thoughts? Worth just shelling out the extra money to get the Snooza? Thanks