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  1. Alleged Puppy Farm Qld UPDATE

    I can't believe you people. I have one of the rescued dogs. He was one of the first released and we were given a choice of another one when the second lot were free for adoption. We chose not to so we could concentrate on Chevy. We personally know alot of the workers at the RSPCA in question and know for a fact that every single dog was rehomed, desexed, microcipped, fleaed, wormed etc. EVERY ONE!!!!! except the one they showed that could hardly walk. He had to be euthanized due to infection and internal injuries. We also know aot of the new owners of the dogs and keep in regular touch. What horrible things to say. They had one Frenchie heavily pregnant that they induced the second they found out he didn't show for an appeal to keep the dogs so they could desex her. All of the puppies are also now in beautiful homes.... . Out of 81 dogs, they lost one........ gained many puppies and rehomed them all safely.