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    Dogs, roller derby, dancing, reading, motorbike riding. Lots of other things I am interested in but don't have time to do very often - especially crafty things like cross-stitch, painting and patchwork.

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  1. How are the lovely mummas going? Have they found their forever homes yet? :)
  2. Harper is not only stunning looking, she was also the first to come for pats and cuddles :) Had a lovely time, thanks for having me ladies :D The puppies are adorable, but their mums are pretty sweet too!
  3. congrats tdierikx! :D And lucky Harper, what a fantastic home for her! How are the mums doing? Are they up for adoption yet? I know its a bit late notice but I will be in Sydney tomorrow, is it possible to drop in and see Daisy Boo and Blossom around lunchtime?
  4. Glad to hear all the puppies are doing well :) You are awesome tdierkx! Will check back later for pics.
  5. Finally got a chance to pop in here and check on the babies, they are all gorgeous :) Must admit I have a soft spot for the two blue and white pups of Blosssom's... Thanks for the photos T :)
  6. Yes :) thanks Flashsmum She is booked in for surgery on the 17th
  7. Well I took Miss Daisy off to the vet this morning to check out a swollen teat that seemed to have ballooned at an alarming rate... and she has a mammary tumour. I will be booking her in for surgery in the next week or two, so well wishes for her would be appreciated. I was thinking about her and reckon she would be about 12 years old now, although she doesn't look it at all!
  8. When I discovered that Daisy had gone to live with this lady after their divorce, I contacted her and told her that if she ever needed any help with Daisy to let me know. I always wondered if she would contact me, and now I am so pleased that she did :)
  9. ok, I have no idea why that is upside down!
  10. Just adding a better photo of Daisy, this is her good side lol :)
  11. We are so very pleased to have her here, and hope to give her a very happy home for her twilight years :)
  12. I don't spend much time on DOL these days, and many of you probably don't know me, maybe you're not all that interested, but this is the story of Daisy, the little dog that my user name comes from. Many many years ago Daisy was my dog, bought from Parklea Markets (before I knew any better!) as the cutest little pup. She was a much adored member of our family. Sadly, as often happens, our family split apart, and after my divorce, I needed to live in an apartment for a while, so Daisy lived with my ex. He said he would look after her on one condition, that I never asked for her back. I don't think he ever really wanted her, although she was looked after. At one time, I did think about asking him if I could have her back, but I had another beautiful girl dog by then, and as both girls were dominant females, it didn't seem as if these two would be good together Eventually my ex re-married, and all was well, until they got another younger dog. This dog and Daisy got along well most of the time, but sometimes fought. I was rather perturbed to discover that when my ex and his wife split up, she had taken both the dogs. I guess he really didn't want Daisy at all. I did know she was being well cared for though with his ex, probably spoilt more than she had been for a long time. However, last week I was contacted by the lady, and told that Daisy and the other younger dog were fighting more often and with much more serious consequences, and she was very concerned about Daisy's safety, and could I help out. So here is my lovely little Daisy dog, home again after many many years. My daughter and I are both ecstatic to have our little cuddly girl here, and as long as she gets on with most of the other dogs she will be staying. She is an old girl now and mostly an inside dog, so we should be able to manage her with the others. And yes she only has one eye, lost the other one because of a cancer under her eyelid a few years ago. But we still think she is the cutest little girl :)
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