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  1. Lulu had her surgery today. It was a very long procedure and the surgeon highly experienced. He rang me twice -once to advise they had found substantial male and female parts, that her uretha was through the male part, and X-rays showed penis bones too, and then afterwards to let me know she was ok. I’m glad we went to such an experienced surgeon because it was highly intricate and they had all the machines on hand. She’s in animal hospital tonight - they texted me a picture of her to let me know she’s ok. Thanks for the comments. Fingers crossed for next couple days that complications d
  2. Subscribe to Doggy Dan and get some control.
  3. Hi. My 6mth old female pug has been diagnosed as a hermaphrodite. She is to undergo surgery next week to remove the penis protruding from her girlie bits. The op will cost $3000 but is necessary for her health and well-being. Has anyone else gone through this and has their dog recovered ok in the long term? I did buy from a top breeder interstate at considerable cost and have been told to return my 6mth old pup for a replacement - they are not interested in refunding part of the purchase price to help subsidise the pending vet bill. Bit hard to return her when the pup has bonded wi
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